What You Always Wanted

Do you look at me and think,

I wasn't worth it anyway

All that time I spent on you

Was just a waste

Because I know you liked me

Now I'm the only one that does

Were you ashamed?

I'm not like others it's true

Now you've gone away

It's like I was never there anyway,

Did you think that I

Would be an easy one to have

I dressed up for you one day,

I've never stopped since then

You won't even look

You never saw me anyway,

Take her hands,

Look in her eyes

Tell me if she's just what you always wanted

You held me captivated,

But I was never what you wanted

So I'll go away,

Tell her that she's just what you always wanted

She is beautiful and fun,

Tell her that she's the only one

Looking at me from afar

I stop to catch your eye

You've got her by your side,

I feel that I could cry

I make my expression cold,

Do my best too look away

Remember what I wore?

You asked me just so you could find me

That night,

I stood in my red dress,

Watched you walk away

I don't understand

I was beautiful that day

But you still went away

Its ok,

You were never what I needed anyway

So look away,

Tell her that she's what you've always wanted