Foxonfire: I dedicate this to Jessica Durrant. I hope you all enjoy it.


I walk here alone in the street.

People stare at me as I pass them by.

With my long bangs hiding the tears that you caused.

I no longer feel regret for saying what I have said.

I watch the cars pass by and stop.

I thought you said we were to be forever.

But now as I stand here, I think about how that would have been.

I smile and thank you for doing what you did to make me hate you.

I realize that it is better to be alone than to be together with you.

Now as I walk here, alone in the streets, I smile and move forwards,

Not backwards.


Foxonfire: Okay. Ithink, if you caught what I was writting this for, that this poem is right. Us girls don't need a man to be happy. Jessie can tell you that. O.O;;;; Okay! R&R!