Everyone shuffled into the Marshals house carrying suitcases and backpacks. No one talked much and no one was that social. Other than the occasional sniffle or "can I help you with that?" and "you can set that over there," there was not a sound.

It made me feel weird around Aaron and Blondine. Having a conversation would make me seem happy, and right now it felt that we are all suppose to be sad, as a sign of respect.

The plans Aaron had for me tonight were ruined. He was never going to take me to that place called Devils Den or soak into the hot spring. I wanted to be alone with him and "just be". I know he wanted the same thing but the fact that his brother almost died stood in the way of his feelings.

He was waiting for me when I finished in the bathroom. Blondine was in Mike's room reading a magazine. Aaron did not say anything and he gave me a big hug as if it was my brother that had been shot. I could feel the stress in his arms and see the sadness in his face. He kissed my forehead.

"Goodnight," he said. "We'll do stuff tomorrow."

I smiled knowing he truly felt sorry as he held me in his arms in the hallway. "Ok, goodnight," I whispered. I kissed him on the lips and we parted.

I knew everyone else was sound asleep so I walked into the room that I shared with Blondie and slid under the covers.