She walked alone as she did many times before but this time with a purpose. She was actually going to meet someone the one she wanted to meet. Only in her dreams had she imagined this, only in her dreams had she believed it true but there he stands in front of her. She smiled the same smile that she had whenever he spoke to her or he was mentioned, the smile of love and adoration. She stood still and smiling wondering if this was still a dream but no he moved putting his arm around her. She tries so hard to stay upright as she felt like fainting to be with him was a miracle. He held her in his arms the same smile on his face that was on hers neither believing that this was real. She hugged him tightly not wanting to let him go not wanting to loose him. She wanted to stay in this embrace forever. They kissed, passionately, lovingly wanting each other. Nothing could break apart this bond they had one that they didn't understand.

They sunk to the ground holding each other tightly ignoring the world around them; they weren't in the same time zone as everyone else. They were together and that's where they were not with anyone else. They held each other all day not eating nor drinking just cherishing each minute they had together before they would be separated by the oceans.

People walked past them whispering about how they should get a room or saying that they were typical teenagers but they didn't care why should they? They were together and that is what mattered nothing else. Nothing could break this bond they had and nothing could hurt them not while they were together in their own world away from all hurt, pain and misery. Each time they kissed another bond was created, unbreakable and unchanging.

They didn't care about the world around them not at this moment. It could be the last time they ever see each other so they had to cherish every second and every minute. They held each other, as close as they could and sat there caring for each other loving, dreaming, and hoping this would never end. This would be how it would stay until the time came where they had to leave and the oceans would tear them apart from each other again.