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Earth Angel Orion

Prologue: When War is not Enough

"Mama!" His muffled voice echoed in his ears inside his oxygen mask. He tried frantically to bang his fists against the glass of his cylindrical confines. The gel inside the cylinder trembled against his skin, and he could feel chills running up his spine. He turned around and around, struggling against the wires connecting to his body and tangling in his limbs. His eyes grew wide as he surveyed what he could through the murky glass.

The area around the enclosure rumbled. Doctors and nurses tripped over their own feet as they struggled to escape. The soft brushes of air signaled the closing emergency doors as alarms sounded and echoed through the lab. A single woman fought against the man struggling to pull her away. Her short white-blonde hair clung to her face through the tear streaming down her cheeks, and her knuckles nearly matched the color of her hair as she tightened her grip on the metal railing around the glass cylinder.

He pushed against the glass. Mama! No!

His voice hitched in his throat and when he attempted to open it and scream, nothing came out. The wires entangled around him began to tighten, and the pain from lack of circulation faded away as they were replaced with a numb tingling.

The man holding the woman back wrapped his fingers in her hair, pulling her head back. A scene flashed through the boys mind. Even through the cool gel, he could feel the hot tears gathering.

No... he thought. Please don't..!

The man bared his teeth, and as the boy closed his eyes, focusing all his senses on the outside world, a clang shuddered through him. A thump soon followed, and the tripping of feet disappeared into the thundering crowds. He opened his eyes, releasing the tears. The hair on his arms raised, and he searched through blurry eyes for the white-blonde color. The blood splattered against the metal bar caused a nauseous feeling to settle in the boy's belly.


It was soon replaced with trembling madness. A buzzing in his head overtook any sound around him. He felt his blood pulse in his veins and pound in his ears. He was only vaguely aware of white linens wrapping and tying themselves around his wrists and ankles.

His muscles twitched and spasmed. His breath came in quick, thick gasps. He could feel his lungs almost collapse as his eyes rolled in the back of his head.

A sudden energy rushed through him, and he could feel it all the down to his bones; shaking, boiling, slamming through him. For moment he thought his heart had simply stopped beating. Within moments it was gone, stretching from him every which way, to all corners of the room. He took in a raspy breath as he felt the last ounces of strength drain away from him. A single tremor caused his bones to quiver as he breathed out. The last of the wails and shrieks died in his ears as a darkness over took him.

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