Her eyes slid open and instead of finding the purple ceiling she had fallen in love with, she met too icy blue eyes staring back. "What?"

"How are you feeling?"

Kendra chuckled. "Like a train ran over me along with a bus and a semi. Why do you ask?"

"It's not right. Why do you think you are hurting so much?"

Some of Jack's hair had fallen and brushed up against her nose. Kendra brushed it away before answering. "Maybe stress." She said as she sat up, her body jolted with pain but she never once winced. "After all, since Carmen's back I have had the luxury of slowing down. Maybe all the work has finally caught up with me."

"Perhaps." Jack said carefully moved in back of her so that her back was now resting against his chest. With adept skill, her massaged her shoulders and neck trying to ease away the knots that had formed.

Kendra's head hung lazily as he worked. "I can't believe Carmen is back. I can't believe that I had myself believing that she was dead."

"Ever notice that when she revealed herself that that day seemed fresh in your mind? Everything that I said down to the word popped into my head as if I had just said it two seconds before." Jack murmured, instantly regretting what had just come out of his mouth.

"I did notice." She groaned and leaned further into his hands. "I understand why I said those things but…I never knew something like that could come out of my mouth."

Jack chuckled. "Anger makes us do and say strange things."

"True." Kendra sighed.

"This isn't stress." Jack said in a sad tone. "It's something more."

Kendra's head jolted up. "What do you mean?"

"I mean that whatever's happening to you is either really bad, or just another evolution. Here, lay down so that your stomach is against the mattress. I think we should get Carmen's advice on this." Jack said as he slowly pulled himself off the bed. "Until I come back just relax. Did I help any?"

She nodded even though it really hadn't helped. "Yes."

"Liar." He said with a smirk. "How do you expect me to help you if you don't tell me the truth?"

Kendra shrugged. "You're the one who specialized in the stuff and anyway you know when I'm lying."

Jack smirked. "Just lay down and get comfy, I'll be back as soon as I can."

Carmen jumped up, slamming her head against the lid of her coffin. "Ow…" She groaned and slowly pushed the heavy wooden lid aside. "Is there a reason you woke me up in that manner Jack?"

"I tried the gentle way but you sleep like the dead and so I had to give your mind a little jolt. Sorry." He said and extended a hand to help her up, she took it and he lifted. "Kendra's been complaining of severe pain in her back, neck, and shoulders. Could it be a vampire thing?"

Carmen shrugged and rubbed her head. "Maybe, I'd have to take a look. What time is it?"

Jack looked as his watch and winced. "Noon."

"Oh well, I least I got in a day. It's Friday right?" Carmen asked as they walked.

Jack winced. "No it's still Thursday."

Carmen stopped and cursed. "Felix is going to kill me." She shrugged and continued on. When Jack pulled open the door Carmen immediately went to her friend's side.

"Hey Carmen." Kendra said with a small smile. "Sorry for waking you."

"No worries, but what have you gotten yourself into?" Carmen asked as she felt around her friend's spine and shoulders. "You were yelling earlier weren't you? Oh, and lie to me and I will push my finger right here." She said and gently poked at the base of Kendra's spine.

Kendra shook her head and felt a flame of pain flood through back. "Yes! Holy…Carmen!"

Jack immediately took a step forward to protect his wife. "Carmen…" He warned.

"If she doesn't tell me the truth then she will be in a great deal more pain if it's what I think it is." Carmen said and went back to her friend's back, slowly lifting the back of her shirt up. "Jack, could you go get me a knife from the kitchen and some towels."

He gave her a questioning look and then went to go retrieve the requested items.

"What are you going to do with that knife Carmen?" Kendra asked, afraid of the answer.

Carmen kneeled down by her friend's face. "You wanted wings right? Well, if I don't help them a bit then…imagine what it would feel like if your back suddenly exploded."

Kendra's face paled. "Ouch."

"Yes. Ouch. This isn't going to be completely painless either but I'll try my best in keeping it as mild as possible." Carmen said in an oddly caring and gentle voice. "Just keep still and I'll work as fast as I can."

Jack came back with the knife and towels and handed them over to Carmen. "Am I staying or leaving?"

"You're staying!" Kendra shouted. "Now get your ass down here and hold my hand just like when Lily was born!"

Jack looked to Carmen. "You better do what she says Jack." Carmen said as she lined towels around Kendra's back. "Kendra, do me a huge favor and relax." She watched as Jack tried his best to comfort his wife and it did wonders. Carmen also placed a comforting hand on her friends shoulder. "I let you fight with me with both of my hands tied behind my back after this."

"I'll still lose." Kendra laughed. "Get on with it."

Carmen carefully cut into the pale flesh and pulled out two arm like bones that had been growing. She heard no screaming and didn't even feel a flinch when she pulled more to completely free the bones. In an instant the wound began healing and flesh started forming over the muscle covered wing bones. In another instant feathers grew and Kendra went completely limp.

Jack stroked his wife's cheek not really surprised when he found no burning tear there.

"Did she pass out?" Carmen asked as she cleaned up her friend's back and the knife.

"Yes." He murmured. "Let me guess, you didn't right?"

Carmen gave a humorless smile. "I did." She growled and left the two for her coffin.

(A/N- Yeah, I'm back. Took me long enough right? I did a little work for a friend and she wants a sequel woot! So here's two chapters to say that I'm back and that I haven't forgotten. It's almost over. A little preview: Carmen and Felix FINALLY go out to a club were Carmen is very well known…at least this time it's for a different reason.)