You're here


Waiting for me

And waiting for them.


You're here.

You're still here

We haven't paid you much attention

But you stay here.

And sometimes we forget you

But you're still here.


You're here.

You're here

Waiting for a chance

A chance to do your job

But since that needs us to do ours

You're still waiting

Just waiting

You're here.

You're here

And will stay here

Waiting quietly

We can count on you to be here

Since you always are


You're here.

You're here

Inside me

But I don't mind.

I need you here too.

So do they

But you're waiting for them

Just waiting for them.

And you're here

Working for, and not against them.

When we show them

You are here

You can do your job.

So for everyone

You're waiting.

Yes, you're here

For everyone

Silently working

Tirelessly, and without many thanks.

You fill the room, and yet we forget you.

But you don't need the praise.

Seem not to want it, you're so quiet.

A mere whisper

Barely noticed.

You're here