The thing that scared me the most was that she said that she actually thought I could forgive her. As she told me the story I was so scared that I was next. She came to me Friday afternoon, right after school. She sat me down and told me the whole tale of horror. This is what she told me.

I had been feeling urges for a good killing. The last time I killed was when I was fifteen. My foster mom was such a bad parent that I just had to stop her. I wasn't old enough to leave the house so I just did it. One night when she was sleeping I took a pillow and put it over her face and pushed. I pushed with all my might until the thrashing of her arms and legs ended. I next went to a local bar, called Indo. I found a nice looking man. I learned bout him and found out that he already had a girlfriend, but didn't really want to go out with her. We ended up going back to my apartment and we just sat there talking about how stupid we were for trying to pick up someone we didn't even know. All for what, nothing but sex. We talked to see if we should and I don't know how, but it just happened. It was one of the best times I have ever had with a guy. I was lying next to him with my head on his chest when the urge came back. I went into my kitchen and grabbed the biggest knife I could find and called him outside. He found me outside in nothing but a robe. I told him to come to me and when he got close enough I turned around and hacked him with the knife. Blood flowing everywhere, in my hair, down my legs, and even against the side of the house. Once he was dead, I took the body and threw into my neighbor's yard. To disperse of the evidence I took the knife and washed it off. I also took the hose and washed the grass and the side of my house. I don't know why I had thrown it over the fence; well actually I knew they wouldn't be home for an another week. I next took a hammer to the lock on the outside of my neighbor's gate so that it looked like someone broke in.
The next night I went back to the nightclub to see if I could find someone else. Nobody. It was like I had 'killer' tattooed on my forehead. I was in such another mood to kill, but no one willing. I finally decided to go outside. When I went outside there seemed to be someone following me. I began to walk down the street, he followed. I turned the corner, he did so too. I finally turned another corner and waited for him to come. As soon as he did I noticed exactly who it was. It was a guy I knew in High School. "Hey," I said, "what are you doing here?"
"I wanted to find you." He said in such a deep voice. "I wanted to see how pretty you've become."
"Why? To see if I still look like a dog?" I said mockingly.
"No, to see if you're still as pretty as you were back then."
"Were you blind or something?"
"No, Not at all."
"Do, you want to come back to my place instead of standing out in the cold?"
"Sure, why not." We ended up going to another nightclub and dancing all night instead of going to my house. I really liked him in high school and I still have feelings for him. I took him back to my place and we were both drunk beyond anyone has ever been and survived to tell about it. After he passed out, I tried to find something to kill him with. I didn't want it to look so obvious, so I got two cups and filled the cups half way and in his I put about seven tablespoons of rat poisoning in the glass. I handed him the drink after I woke him up. He drank it, then passed out again and never woke up.
"Now I am here. The police suspect me in the killings, but I don't want to go to jail. I never thought I would be caught. What do you think?" she said almost to the point of crying.
"I'm not sure what to think." I said as I tried to think of a way to get her to leave. "Why don't you just go home and I'll call you tomorrow and we'll talk about it some more."
"Yeah, sure. I'll talk to you tomorrow." After she left I quickly called the police and told them everything I knew. They got here within a half an hour. "We have to get her to confess" the first cop said "then afterwards we'll come and get you"
"Are you sure this will work?" I said not sure that anything is the truth anymore. They set up a small mic in the inside of my shirt. They said they would be parked down the street and would only take three seconds to get here. I called her and told her to come over. "So," I said when she had arrived. "Who were the people you killed again?"
"Who? What people?" she said in an almost mocking manner.
"You know. Those people you killed. Your foster mother, the guy from the bar, and the guy you knew from high school!"
"Oh, yeah. I won't tell the police that you killed those people. I promise."
"What? I didn't kill anyone. You did! You psycho!" I said. He face got so red she grabbed my shirt and ripped the mic out from under my shirt.
"What. You think that you can just trick me to telling you everything again while there just happens to be an unmarked cop car down the street. I not that stupid you dumb whore!" She pushed me down and took a pot and hit against the head with it. When I woke up my hands were tied together with the phone cord. I tried to get out of them, but she had tied them to tight. "Hello." She said "I see you're are finally awake. Now I can begin."
"Begin what?" I said, afraid of what she would say.
"Torture. You see those police friends of yours already had the pleasure of it. So now it's your turn." I looked over and saw the two policemen tied to my staircase, both beaten to death. "Your torture shall be a lot more fun though. Well, at least for me." She took a knife and dug it into my thigh. Blood seeped down both sides of my leg and I screamed as loud as I could, even though I knew nobody would hear me. The torture continued for an hour and a half until my whole body was covered in blood from head to toe. I was missing an ear, three toes, the tip of my first finger, and my whole thumb. I saw her coming towards me with a cheese grater. "Now for the finale" she said, with the biggest smile I have ever seen. She took off the restraints and since I was just about dead I couldn't resist or move any of my body parts. She took the grater and took my fingers and grated them until they were down to the bone. This was all I could take. After the second finger was done I passed out and died shortly later.
She was caught three days later at a K-mart shop lifting a butcher knife. But was released because of a technicality. The super of my apartment building found me there; He also found writings all over my walls that said 'Blood' and 'must have'. They are still looking for the killer that has a taste for blood.