The Improper Princess

Written by Laureen. C. Guldbrandsen

There are many things that are considered to be proper for a princess. And there are many, many, many things that are considered to be improper for a princess. And while some things make sense, many others did not. Picking your nose while eating dinner with a visiting duke was a very improper thing to do – it tended to give the dukes indigestion. But kissing a frog was a proper thing for any princess to be doing; after all you never know when a frog just may be a prince in disguise.

Princess Amelia tried very hard to be a proper princess, she really did. She took dance lessons in the morning, etiquette lessons over lunch, studied politics, poetry, and reading during the afternoons. But Princess Amelia's heart just wasn't in it. She hated frogs, and couldn't imagine kissing one. And well, when her nose itched she picked at it. King Fredrick and Queen Angelina tried to teach Amelia to be a proper princess. But every day it was the same thing, and every day the King and Queen were disappointed.

Princess Amelia would sit outside on her balcony in the evenings and count the stars. She was fascinated by the way they glittered and often dreamed about traveling to the moon. This was a very improper thing for a princess to dream of, but since she never told anyone (except maybe her pet cat) no one was ever the wiser. And no one could remind her of what very improper behavior it was for a princess to sit outside daydreaming when she ought to be inside sleeping.

So it happened that late on night as Princess Amelia was sitting on her balcony, daydreaming about the moon, when a butterfly landed – plop – on her nose. The butterfly's delicate wings brushed her cheeks and sent Amelia into a giggling fit, another improper thing for a princess to do. But then, the most amazing, magical thing happened. Instead of flying away the butterfly spoke to Amelia. "You want to visit the moon, Princess? I know of a witch who can teach you to soar through the sky. Maybe she can help you get to the moon."

All princess-like behavior was forgotten as Amelia was shocked to hear the butterfly's soft musical voice, but she nodded. "Oh, please, Sir Butterfly. Tell me how I can find your friend the witch. I would give anything to visit the moon."