Scientific Definition of a Kiss

It's always about the phone calls.

Every time the phone rang her heart would leap.
She always wondered if it was him. If it was his
voice on the other end of the phone if she picked it up.

It was New Years Eve. Normally she would party,
get pissed and do it all without him.
However, this year she did nothing of that sort.
She didn't feel like trying to light fireworks.
Instead she stayed home.

The phone rang around 11:30pm.
Her heart did the usual leap and she
wondered if it could have been him.

So when she heard his voice on the
other end she felt her heart jump for joy.
She hadn't talked or seen him in over a week.

Although it was for only 10mins she
smiled for the first time that week.
She realised how much she missed him.

As they said their goodbyes and
listened until the dial tone to appear.
She quietly reminded herself that
it would only be three more weeks.

Scientific Definition of a Kiss.
The anatomical juxtaposition of two orbicularis muscles in a state of contraction
-Dr. Henry Gibbons

(1st January 2003)