She cried when she heard the stars whispering

Yellow rivers cascaded through the universe

Trying to reach and warm her dying daughter

With her blue eyes, emerald smile and silver crown


She knew her daughter's children were dead

That there was no-one left to enjoy her golden light

But surely some colour could be restored

To the glassy grey face her daughter now reflected


She spotted then the messenger with his dusty tail

And enquired about the sights he had seen

He told her that raindrops were always falling

Even the curtain of night was quickly washed away


She gives out a wail on hearing this news

Even the black holes cannot swallow her pain

Only daughter Earth does not feel grieved

She is too numb, her time has almost come


She watches heaven's rain create morning

Artificial without the touch of mother Sun

And yet this crystal magnificence sparkles

A beauty reserved for the end of an era


She knows it will be today, indeed, he is coming

The icy wind with his crumbling skeleton face

He is freezing the rain, he is freezing her breath

There are millions of frozen crystals in mid-air


She is dead and her mother can finally embrace her

She can see now the final image on her faded face

Wisps of grey hair crying for the end of time

Frozen by death in the midst of a silver dawn


AUTHOR'S NOTE: Inspired very suddenly by the thought of a silver sunrise as a result of listening to a song called "Silver Dawn" by LTJ Bukem.