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Chapter 1: Outlandish Experiences and the Abhor for Weird Bus People

Floating amongst a sea of identical dressed girls, I sit. And I wait. And I patiently, so very patiently, listen and tolerate these stupid school pep-rallies. The wave of chaotic estrogen, stomp their feet, screaming, "WE'VE GOT SPIRIT, YES WE DO. WE'VE GOT SPIRIT HOW 'BOUT YOU?!" And it's as my side of the gym screams this, the other side of the gym grows with furry. So simple-minded, these girls are. It's just a pep-rally, why would anyone want to get worked up about this?

"CHEER!" Phoebe, one of my best friends shouts.

I give her the finger.

She blows a kiss at me.

People, this is only the beginning.

What happens when your mom is practically dead because of your fucker of a father, your dad is-marrying a whore half his age,your grades are dramatically falling, you're basically failing out of high school andone of your best friends ditches you what's a girl to do? The hell if I know.

"OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!" I shout as I chase after the city bus.

"Cec that is the fourth time today! You're freakin' cursed!" cries Phoebe, one of my closest friends.

I rub my face and bend over, heaving for air. "Fuck, I know! This isn't fair."

"I think you should sue," she suggests.

I shoot her a pointed look and she dramatically drags me back to the deserted bus stop. A car slows down as the light at the end of the street next to the bus stop turns red. The kids inside laugh and slap each other happily on the back and sing terribly to an overplayed radio song.

Phebs shoves me with her shoulder as she nods her head in the direction of the car. I peer inside and realize that behind the wheel is a god- I mean a guy, named Jason. He laughs along with his friends and stares ahead of him at the road. I shrug it off and get up to see if another bus is coming.

"Get up!" I shout to Phoebe.

She rushes and fumbles to get up and we jump and wave our hands wide and high above us. YES! Finally! A bus slows to pick us up. I look back once more at the lovely Jason, and to my surprise he looks over and smiles. I nervously half smile and board the bus. The first thing I note when we step on the vile thing of transportation is the smell. It smells like dog piss, and you know what that smells like whether you have a dog or not. The fact of the matter is, is that it smells. It smells bad.

Phoebe seats herself in the back of the bus. And honestly, it's common knowledge that the back of the bus is where all the crazies go.

"Phoebe!" I hiss at her.

"What?" she oh-so absent-mindedly asks. I slap my palm square on my forehead and sign, sigh so vividly.

I walk around a pile of grimy burlap bags that belong to a malodorous man, maneuver past the lady who's talking to her purse, and slowly slip away from the precariously cute guy with the deep brown eyes.

"Thanks Phoebs," I sarcastically enlighten her as I sit diagonally across from Brown Byes. He half smiles at me as the woman talking into her purse now shouts at it. I sigh again and rub my arms. A buzzing shakes my butt as I pull my phone out of my back pocket.

"Hello?" I ask into the phone.

"Yo, Cec, where are you? Mom's going postal about the unclean garage," my older brother Kevin says.

I rub my eyes and sigh, yes, again. "Yeah, I know, I'm almost home."

"Well hurry the hell up! I'm getting yelled at for shit that I don't care about." So typical.

"Yeah. Okay. Like I said, I'm almost home."

"Okay. Just," he hesitates, "Please God I'm begging you, don't talk about Saturday."

"Yeah," I drag on, "I know."

And with that, we both hang up. I stare blankly at the phone for a few seconds before the person sitting next to me taps my shoulder. Oh God. It's the purse woman.

She whispers, "They're all spies. All of them," as she points to everyone in the back of the bus. "Fuck you!" she hoarsely barks.

I jump away in some serious fear that she'll stab me with something, or tell her purse to kill me.

Phoebe pushes me away and says, "Geez Cec, greedy much?"

"Phoebe!" I scold her, "This woman is psycho!" I inconspicuously point to the woman sitting on my left.

Phoebe looks over me and at the woman. The woman meets phoebe's eyes and hisses. And yes, I felt it. And I shivered, in all its impure nastiness.

"Tell the boss to hit them hard," the woman whispers to me. She nervously glances around the back of the bus, pinning everyone's pointed stares and shouting, "Fuck you!"

The woman clears her throat and walks right off the bus. She looked so normal. I guess you can never tell these days. Brown Eyes starts chuckling, and I glare at him for that. The bus halts and Phoebe and I get off; Brown Eyes follows. Phoebe, oblivious of what just happened on the bus, begins skipping joyously down the sidewalk. I look around me, careful to pay attention to my open surroundings and sigh. I glance behind me and see that brown eyes isn't much far behind. Perhaps, my mind selecting the better option, he lives somewhere near me. I look back again and note how he kind of walks wobbly and stares at the ground, kicking tiny rocks and pebbles into the street.

I take a turn at the corner of the block and watch to see if he takes a turn too. He does. I half panic. Half. I mean, come on, he could live right next to me and I seriously wouldn't know; I'm entirely unmindful when it comes to the people I live around. I finally take a turn and walk up to my house. Looking back again, he does too. I pause, handbag seriously ready to throw, and I stare at him.

"Can I help you?" I ask him.

"You Cecilia?" he asks.

I shift in place as Phoebe leaves me and walks into my house. She and I are going to have a serious talk about paying attention.

I clear my throat and ask, "Who wants to know?"

Brown Eyes shrugs and slips his hands into his pocket, a playful smile colors his face.

"Well…are you looking for someone in particular?" I softly ask.

He rocks back and fourth on his heels and smiles. I roll my eyes and shout, "Kevin! You got a groupie out here!"

In a matter of seconds, Kevin comes out of the house and smiles at Brown Eyes. They do that idiotic guy slappy-hand thingy that's so renowned nowadays.

"Hey man, you're early," Kevin says to Brown Eyes.

Brown Eyes shrugs and I roll my eyes and walk away.

"Hey Cec," Kevin calls out to me. I suck the inside of my cheek and turn around to face him. "This is Matt, Matt this is my little sis' Cecilia, the one I told you about." He talked about me to some guy?!

Matt grins and offers me his hand to shack. I walk foreword a bit and meet his hand. Geez manetti, his hand is soft! Our hands separate, but his eyes don't drift from me.

"So," Kevin says as he claps his hands together, "Matt and I will be at a party tonight, tell mom not to wait up," and they start walking away.

"Wait," I call after them, "whose party?"

Kevin's nostrils flare. "No way Cec."

I do that really cute, ditzy but not ditzy girly thing where you kind of have one foot planted firmly on the ground and the other kind of dragging flirtatiously behind. There's a twinkle in my eye and I can almost see Kevin cave in.

"Cec, no. You can't. I don't trust half the guys going to this party."

"Please," I softly ask.

Oh I am so working this angle again. Matt looks like he's gonna collapse anytime soon; so I figure, bite you lip and lightly frown. And noticing their faces after doing so, was priceless.

"Let her go," Matt tries, "It's just a party. And we'll be there."

Kevin groans and rubs his hands over his face.

"Fine," he mumbles.

I smile, run up to him and kiss his cheek. He wipes the spot where I kissed him and says, "We'll pick you and what's-her-face up here at 7, got it?"

I nod happily and skip into my house.

I can't wait.

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