A/n This is a collaboration that started with a strange conversation three years ago that has, I am proud to say, finally been written by yours truly. This did not start out as my idea, 'fraid I wasn't this twisted three years ago, but my sister's and a few friends. Let's just say the list of those involve has expanded considerably since then. Oh and Lee, please don't be mad….

This will be my only short story to date, though how short is yet to be determined. Thanxs everyone for the suggestions and help (editing), please R&R.

My World

How it started

I wonder if it could have turned out differently, perhaps less bloodshed. Unfortunately one cannot change the past, or the intentions of another. Sorry, I should probably explain a few things before jumping in head first. My name is Katherine, though I can't give my last name for a few reasons that I'll explain in a moment, but the name you'll know me by in the future is Lady Allene.

You know my younger self, and most of the people I will mention, but for their sake I will not reveal their true names. We have already written a future, and I wish simply fine tune it with the knowledge I am to relay to you. What will the future be? It is a world that I rule. Surprised? I at least hope so; it gave the world quite a jolt as well when they first found out. I will not go into detail on how it was accomplished because of those who would wish to hinder this from happening. What I will tell you though is much more important anyway. See, from the beginning I had enlisted the help of my friends as well as my sister. This was my first mistake, siblings were made to bicker and fight over petty things, and unfortunately the world happened to be one of them….

I was beaming as I looked over the group before me, pride and joy radiating off of me as Rose and I lifted our glasses high before them to propose a toast, "My friends, let us enjoy this night, I dare say we all deserve it." A small wave of laughter spread down the dining table, myself joining in until she continued, "This is to you and all of your hard work. We've done it!" The room erupted with cries of joy, echoing with my own.

Someone raised a glass again and yelled over the noise as it abated, "And let us congratulate you two for being able to think up of a crazy idea as this in that leaky basement of yours." Laughter and cheers sounded then took we all took our seats as servants brought out food to us. I had never imagined anything like this could happen. Here I was, eating in a grand hall made by kings of old remade anew, celebrating the complete and utter take over of the world. Napolean, who I so admired had not been able to accomplish such a feat even in his time and yet we had in ours, the year 2015, a year I swore I'd never forget.

As we ate I looked around the room, there were many new faces that I had only met within the last couple years, but most were dear friends that I had held close for many. It was strange to see how they had changed. My best friend for example, who was sitting to my left; Fira was always one to show little emotion as possible, bit now she was becoming as cold as a stone. With the exception of interrogation sessions, the joy she got out of them was beyond what I had ever thought was capable. Hazel, who had always been tough, now was war hardened. And the once quiet and reserved Rainer was now dutiful and outspoken. Zari was not seemed not as cheerful as she once was, and Miwa's glimmer of perpetual joy was now replaced with the depth of knowledge. Of course, the one thing that I was glad to see was that Ludmilla had remained relatively unaltered. Still the same outwardly innocent girl I had known for what seemed to be an eon.

As I looked down the stretch of the table that was before me I realized for the first time that most of the people that were old friends were indeed friends of mine that I had known before Rose. It didn't matter though, not at the current time. When the meal was done most stayed and socialized, for few of us had had time to say anything beyond business of late. I, on the other hand, had other ideas. Besides, I had never been one to speak freely to more then two or three people at a time anyways.

We had just made ourselves comfortable in our new location; it'd be our permanent base which Orokora in the future will care for. The former London, England, an appropriate place for those who had purged the world of almost all technology. The place of the greatest fantastic stories and legends. I found myself wandering the great halls that we had renovated. The dark stone and bright electric lights that had been installed were a strange but wonderful contrast. After about an half hour of wandering I came upon a tapestry that I had never come across before, which was strange for all the things that were in the castle at this time were originally from our last base of operation. It was exquisite work, and the fabric was of the highest quality. I touched it delicately, for the scenes depicted seemed so livid, a battle upon a vast plain with mythical creatures fighting on one side and demonic on the other. The sky above the demonic army had grayed while the other had clouds, fluffy and white, seemingly floating by gently. Although it was very well made, my creative opinion of it wasn't very high. It was simply a classic depiction of good verses evil, nothing spectacular.

"Do you like it?" I heard my sister's voice echo down the hall as she drew closer. I wished there had been no carpet, then I might have heard her coming and not been so started.

"Yes," I lied in a mild tone after the initial shock of hearing her had passed.

"I had it made to liven up the place," She said light heartedly as she stepped up beside me. I stood rigid as my mind remembered a time when she was nothing but angry. It was strange even now to hear the difference. I nodded silently, pretending to admire it more. I was afraid of what she would say if I said I didn't like it. That probably came from the common fear that I harbored since childhood of her wrath because of her outbursts.

"Sister?" she said oddly. Rose hadn't referred to me so simply since we were young.

I turned towards her in confusion, but responded all the same, "Yes,"

"What do you think of what we've just done?" She asked meekly, confusing me further.

I looked at the bright red carpet momentarily, hoping it would give me an answer, but it didn't so I had to think of one myself, "That we have managed to pull off the impossible."

Rose shook her head. There was something different about her, "No no no, about the divisions. Should we really have done that?" She looked at me wonderingly.

I was taken aback, "You can't mean that," She had read the contract we had all signed before dinner. Since the start we had all agreed upon which parts of the world each of us would obtain, even with the new additions of people we managed to split it so that everyone was happy.

"Well, I'm not saying that just one person should have it. I'm just asking if you think something close to communism would be better. No bickering, you know?" I stared at her, we were almost the same height, her being an inch taller, so she was one of the few who I could try and stare down.

"Why? All the arrangements have already been made and agreed upon." I responded with difficulty.

"Well, it's just seems like they want more. And after you left, I heard a few things." She sounded to me like a child as it stalled to think of a plausible lie to tell at that moment. Maybe it was just my immense trust in everyone or my lack of trust in her, but I didn't want to hear anymore.

"Rose," I said evenly, "Enough, you're being paranoid, nothing is going to happen." And with that I walked away, leaving her by the tapestry to think. I had tried to be as discreet as possible, just in case I had been wrong, but something told me I should have addressed her straight up. Unfortunately, there would be no turning back after I had walked away.

Two days later there was an attack on the castle. Well, it wasn't really an attack more like a slight uprising by some locals in the city, peasants and robbers mostly. Once it was dealt with Rose gathered everyone together the day after in the conference hall, a week before we were all set out to leave for our separate lands. She claimed that a captured peasant had told the guards that they had been paid by a noble in the castle. It proved her suspicions true that someone was plotting against us, or so she said. Poor Marcella was the one she claimed was set to brake up the government we had created. She was one of the obvious choices, few knew her that well yet, and though likable enough she was the newest head of the infiltration department and had a bad temper. I, on the other hand, thought differently.

"WHAT!? That's absurd! Why would I do such a thing when I feel I am lucky to even be within the… group," Marcella ended lamely for the lack of a better word. She was looking form one face to the next, her own red with fury. Most still hadn't gotten over the shock of the suggestion let alone drawn ay conclusion. I felt sorry for her though, I knew in my heart the accusations weren't true.

Seemingly finding no strength in those around her she turned back towards Rose who was sitting imposingly on the old throne, which we had not removed, finding it handsome and fitting, "Fine, if that's what you all believe, I'll be going." She spat venomously and turned on a heel to walk out the door.

"I shook my head and spoke off handedly to Rose, "You shouldn't have accused her like that."

"I wasn't, I was stating the truth." She responded placidly, though I could detect an undertone of pleasure.

"I glared at her, "I'm going to go confront her personally on the matter, "

"She won't say anything to incriminate herself," Rose said convicted as she leaned against the back of the throne.

"Nevertheless," I stated emotionlessly, then turned to Fira, "Will you accompany me?" She nodded and together we stepped out of the conference hall. I knew if I brought her with me they'd know that I had a better chance with the interrogation. Though that wasn't really why I wanted to talk to her.

We walked in silence for awhile, until Fira finally broke it, "You don't need me do you." It was more of a statement then a question.

I smiled at her, "Of course I do. Who knows the prisoners better then you?"

In a slow snake-like movement she turned her head towards me and said in a low hiss, "There was no prisoner."

I smiled again, "I figured as much." She was taken aback a little by that, but recovered quickly.

"You know more about this then you're letting on."

"I know my sister better then anyone, "my smile faded, "She's behind this." Fira nodded and fell silent again. We said nothing more until we reached Marcella's room, where I presumed she'd be. She was, now throwing things feverously into a suitcase, tears of anger running down her face.

"Marcella?" I said softly when I knocked on the door and entered with Fira in tow.

She turned towards us and abruptly and as soon as she saw Fira her weapon jumped into her hand, "You, you stay away from me." Marcella said, seemingly half maddened as she started to circle her slightly as she continued to pack her things, "I know what you're here for, you want to torture me into admitting I did it." Her sword arm shook slightly with her build up of emotion. In her condition I probably could have knocked it out of her hand if I wanted to, but I also knew that desperate people fight like the devil. I'd seen it.

"I looked at her levelly and spoke to her in the same tone, "I brought her along so that's what they thought." Marcella lowered her guard for a moment, but it was back up the next.

"No! You two are the closest to her, besides Ludmilla. Though for God knows what reason." Her voice wavered at the end.

I took a small step forward, "That's because we've known each other for almost fifteen years."

"And aren't you her sister! You'd take her side in a moment." She said furiously; hearing that though, it was almost ironic. True, in most cases I would, but I have morals. I started to laugh lightly. Marcella's sword dropped to her side as she stared at me in confusion.

"What's so funny?"

A grin played across my face again, I turned towards Fira who had melted into a corner, "That reminds me, I never got you're true opinion on the matter."

I saw a smile touch Fira's lips as Marcella burst, "What!? You two are here and you don't even know the other's opinion?" Disbelief had replaced her suspicion and anger, my smile grew.

"Good, now maybe we can have an intelligent conversation instead of one where we shout at each other." I watched as her jaw dropped. I waited patiently until she sheathed her weapon and stood placid at last, "That's better. Now, where to begin?"

"How about whether you believe me or not." Marcella suggested bitterly.

I nodded as I tapped my laps, pacing the room slightly, "Yeah, that sounds like a good idea." I turned towards her, "But first tell me whether my sister's accusation was correct or not."

With Fira watching intensely, she looked me in the eyes, "They are false." The corner of my eye caught Fira nodding in approval, but I already knew she would.

"Good enough for me." I said cheerfully, "Now. What to do with my dear sister?"

The idea caught both Marcella and Fira off guard, "What?!" Fira turned me towards her and tried to stare me down, but it was useless. I simply grinned wider. I had been thinking of gathering a revolt if she ever tried to pull a stunt like this anyway.

"You said there was no prisoner." I started to explain, I ignored Marcella's exclamation, and continued after a nod from Fira, "Besides, the night of the celebration Rose gave me reason enough to believe that she would try to take the world for herself, suggesting a dictatorship. Supposedly because people had been 'talking'" I quoted with my fingers. I stepped away and faced both of them at once, "I've been thinking of gathering a revolt, under her nose, of people who would think the same as me."

"But what now? With most wanting me out…" Marcella trailed off. I gave her a sideways glance in disbelief.

"Marcella, I'm going to point this out to you once and once only. You are to quick too judge." She watched my movements around the room as I took up pacing again, looking utterly confused. "Most of them hadn't even gotten past the idea of you being a traitor let alone think upon it. Give it some time and I can guarantee about half will be with you."

"You do know what this means don't you, Allene?" Fira asked as I passed her, "You're starting a civil war."

I looked her in the eyes levelly, "As much as I hate war, she's given me no choice. I want to act before she has gained too much power and is out of control. At least at the moment we can do something, for we all have equal power," I explained.

"So who do we confront first?" Macella asked with a cynical grin on her face, silently agreeing with the decision. I just hoped more then just the two of them would agree with me.

Granted it was a rash move and seemingly very foolish, but I still agree with it now. I wish their had been another way, though, for the fighting that it entailed was the worst I had even witnessed, and I felt it was all on my hands. Now I've coped, but then again I became numb to emotion to keep myself on a straight path. Of course, the one humorous thing about it was that it ended up being the biggest sibling rivalry the world had ever known.