My World

Chapter 5: To End all Things

As I paced the length of the room, preoccupied with my anxiety, life had become complicated of late. I was playing a game of chess with Rose. I knew where we were going; for like any good player I had always foreseen my moves five moves ahead. However, where that direction was not entirely clear yet. The statements Fira had gotten out of Keagun had kept the Rebellion one step ahead of the Government for a good turn now. Rose was tired, her troops were running thin on all fronts. A greater chess player would have seen the enviable by now and thrown in the towel. You showed your naivety to keep clawing. But then again, I thought, did we not do the same?

I chuckled, but before I could continue my musings the sound of loud footsteps filtered through the door to my study. That was odd in it self, there was no one here but my aids who knew better then to disturb me. Everyone else was busy driving Mistress Rose crazy.

Soon Zale came barreling through the door of. I turned towards my visitor and with confusion and tired curiosity. He was breathing hard, but his flushed face held a broad grin. Obviously he had decided to run up the five flights of stairs it took to get to the room instead of the elevator.

"Y..." I started to say, but he cut me off.

" We've done it," Zale proclaimed, looking as if he was going to run up and hug me, but he managed to resist the temptation.

My eyes narrowed, "What do you mean?"

"They surrendered!" He said, finding his breath and finally able to stand up straight. I was in a state of shock. They had surrendered? Throughout all of our history I could never remember her giving up so easily.

"We've won?" I was unsure, I couldn't believe my ears, "There has to be a catch."

"No catch, she boarded one of my ships out in the Pacific the just this morning.." He gave me an exasperated smile. "I wanted to tell you in person. She's on her way here to sign a treaty, she'll be here by tomorrow night." I nearly fell into the nearest chair and stared at him in shock. Maybe she was better at this game of chess then I had thought.

"So it's ours." I said in disbelief.

"The world is yours, my lady." He managed to say with a straight face. I finally let out my excitement and run up and hugged him.

I had finally achieved what no one else had been able to; we had taken over the world!

I had my doubts even then about whether she was planning something or not. It was still too unbelievable to think that she would simply give up when many of her strongholds were still in her hands. Yes her supplies and troops were dwindling, but she had always been more stubborn then that. But I was right in thinking that she was just trying to play her pieces right. And so was I.

"Mistress Rose is waiting to sign the agreement in the main hall," Aukai said as we walked down the corridor.

"Very well, I shall meet with her there." I said as I stood and waited for one of my servants to open the door for me. I offered a small bow of appreciation, causing the young lad to blush. I stepped through the threshold and into the main hall with Aukai close behind.

"The Lady Allene is now present! All rise!" called the herald. Not sure why I had one, but if I was going to rule the world in a middle age style I guess I should have one. At the sound of his voice though all in the room stood. I walked briskly to my seat at the head of the room, which was nothing less then a throne with all the trimmings. The people had given it to me. As I sat so did all present. Those present... the ones that had helped me along my long journey to where I had finally come.

"Summon in Mistress Rose!" I commanded one of the guards. He bowed and ducked out of the room to return moments later with my rival and a few of her followers, standing as erect as could be expected of one who had so many problems. She looked about forty, but I knew better. She was barely a few years older then I and I was only twenty-seven. They bowed, and continued up the walk, then bowed again before my seat. Oh how seeing her bow, it me gave me such pleasure!

"Welcome to my halls Mistress Rose, I dare say it has been too long." I half sneered; this was too sweet to waste.

"It is my honor, Lady Allene," She said, sounding as if she was spitting out the words.

"Now now, Mistress, there is no need for contempt." I said joyfully, "We must rejoice. The world is under one power now, which was our original goal." Rose remained silent. As much as I was enjoying this I did indeed need her tactical prowess.

"Mistress Rose I wish for you to join us in friendship." I said, hearing several whispers of surprise, "This New Kingdom will be better with you then without."

"But my Lady!" cried someone from within the room, I recognized the voice, but couldn't put a face to it, "She has stabbed you in the back before. What is keeping her from doing it again?"

I smiled at the crowd; "There are ways of preventing such a thing from reoccurring, so I have no fear." I turned back to Rose, "Besides, I might have need of your skills."

I stood and addressed everyone, "I shall say this for all to hear! The Mistress Rose will from now on be treated with respect, for she will now be referred to as my Tactical Advisor." I declared. The crowd cheered. "However, no longer will she rule over all of South America. As terms for accepting defeat she must hand over the provinces of Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Columbia, Venezuela, New Guiana, Guyana, and Suriname. The provinces belonging to the generals Miwa, Tariq, and Rainer will also be minimized in a similar manner."

"So you agree to these terms Rose?" I asked her I a softer, but more challenging tone.

She stared at me for a moment, before saying. "You surprise me. Yes, I agree to these terms."

I Rose my voice so more could hear. "She has agreed! The written agreement shall be drawn so that Rose and her allies can all sign. Then we shall all be allies once more."

"The Lady has spoken!" My herald proclaimed, I stepped down the stairs from my throne and offered a hand to my once rival.

"Come I shall have a room and a banquet prepared." I said, she nodded and took my hand. The room cheered again.

As the crowd started to depart I noticed Fira looking around franticly then rush towards Rose, "Where is she!"

"Huh?" I couldn't help but be amused. Fira, emotionless with the heart of stone and only a black sense of humor, was frantic.

"Where's Ludmilla?" She started shaking Rose, "Where is she?" I smiled and tapped my friend on the shoulder.

"What?!" She spun around, I pointed to the crowd who was watching and she stood rigid and faced Rose again, "Um, I mean where is your general?"

"Feeling silly now aren't we?" I smiled as we watched the people leave, most giving Fira a wary glance.

"Just a bit, but it has been seven years since I last saw her."

"Yes, Ludmilla. The woman of the people and the only person that can make Fira feel emotion." I said with a smile.

"Ah yes, Ludmilla. She'll probably already be at the punch bowl." Rose said coolly.

"Ah, thank you Mistress Rose, and I'm sorry for my rudeness." Fira bowed slightly and hurried out the door.

"She hasn't changed at all." Rose said with calm suppression.

"Did you expect her to? But she is more ruthless now though."

"I wouldn't have thought it possible if I hadn't heard the stories." She responded mildly.

I grinned, "Yes, I was rather pleased with her performance on the battle field of late."

"What? Setting towns on fire when in search of people and torturing information out of people with a flaming sword? You were pleased with that?" Her rage reaching it's breaking point.

My grin grew, "They don't call her the 'Interrogator' for nothing."

"You're heartless!" Her voice rang throughout the room.

I stepped past her and started for the door, "Remember, you started this."

"How!" She turned me towards her.

"Greed consumes, I hoped you'd finally see that when this was over. We all agreed that we'd divide the world, but you wanted everything!" I yelled back, I finally had my revenge though so it didn't matter; now I ruled over her.

"Now everything is yours, sister." She said defeated.

She never truly learned her lesson, I don't think. She ended up forgotten in her little corner of the world, however, while everyone else lived on in relative happiness. And as I sit here finishing this tale I can't say we lived happily ever after, or that good concurred evil. But we found our own slice of heaven on earth for a time, and we were happy with that.

The End

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