There is silence

All the ugliness disappears

As you take the one gasping breath

And go under.

Deep under

Is where there is peace

Finally, nothing picks at your brain

Visions fade

Hurts abolished

Stillness is welcomed

Enveloped by tranquility

Oh how it would be good to stay down

So deep under

No one can touch you.

But suddenly your body awakes,

You're lonely down here

Freshness is evaporating

You need to breathe

Stifled, alone,

Without even the weak parts

Of your life.

You realize

They are your breath.

They are what your lungs are suddenly screaming for.

You push up, see light

And finally break through


Your still here.

With all of the visions,

The hurts,

The silent nails digging,

Until you are so worn out,

That you seek it again.

The deep down feeling.

How much you would give,

To be able to last there.