Lord God, do You see?

Hard pressed upon by Holy conviction

Still wanting to do it my way

Ugly pride is me

To fall upon the Stone

Would surely bring brokenness

But were He to fall upon me

I would be ground to dust see?

I know I'm in the wrong…

I truly wish to do what's right

To leave the wickedness behind

To follow the Way, the Truth, and the Life

Torn between carnal nature

Spiritman clawing to get out

Starving for holy purity

Thirsting in my spiritual drought

This separation is killing me

O my God, my heart is dying

One I thought I loved…help me

I'm not worthy, but please….

I want to be closer

But I'm not ready to give up…

How do you give up a person?

O why must this be my cup?

Crush my desires

Take my dreams

I don't want them

They're overcoming You in me…

Do what You must

Hear that most dangerous prayers

I have no control

Strike down this ungodly lust…

The separation is killing me Lord…