Yay! This is the sequel of The Other Side XD woot! If you haven't read it you will still be able to follow the story (though I recommend TOS hahahaha)

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Bring me to real life

Chapter 1

Izumi sighed as he entered the dark house. He still felt uncomfortable with the idea of being alone. Totally alone.

The blonde decided to sleep, tomorrow he would have Kiichi here for lunch, he giggled to himself. The relationship between the dark haired doctor and Jen (a barman) had come to the most important part. He wondered who would wear the ring…He laughed aloud and took his clothes off ready to sleep.

In the morning there was a knockings on his door, he groaned and turned away from the window were the light began to pour into the room. What time was it? He looked at the clock 8am…He had just fallen asleep four hours ago…The knocking continued and he pulled a robe over his naked body walking slowly down the stairs to the door.

He opened the door finding a tall young man holding a boy before him. "Sorry to wake you up, but this kid has something to tell you." The boy glared at the man that was holding him but sighed.

"Sorry for plucking out the plants in your garden and using them to make a poison." In the tone he said it, made Izumi laugh, it was obvious he had had to learn that speech by heart.

Izumi tried his best not to laugh, "Well, um-"


"Yes Tomo, actually I haven't seen my garden since I moved in," he grinned at the boy, but the man that was holding him made a face of wanting help, "but I'm sure your father will have a good idea of what you have to do."

"Brother, I'm his brother. Do you think it would be a good idea if he helped to re-arrange your garden Kahara-san?" Izumi stared at him for a moment, he hadn't heard his name said so properly before.

"Just Izumi! Um yeah sure, I bet he'll do a good job huh?"

"Yes sir…" Tomo smiled widely.

"Come whenever you want." Izumi waved good bye and began to close the door hearing the brothers' quarrel.

"You see he wasn't as angry as you said!"

"That's because you apologized stupid!"

Izumi laughed and sat on the couch falling asleep instantly

"Hey, Izumi wake up!" The blonde moved away grumbling incoherent words, "Aoe is coming at any moment…"

"WHAT?!" Izumi stood up in an instant.

"Always works!" Izumi looked at the source of the voice. Kiichi was laughing freely, "You know, you should lock your door every now and then."

Izumi glared sitting on the couch and grabbing his hair in a ponytail. "I had an early visit."

"Having new friends?"

"No, it was a boy, who I think destroyed most of my garden, or something, and he's coming to take care of it." Kiichi smiled, but inwardly he felt bad that Izumi hadn't been able to meet anyone on his street. "Hey, it smells nice…"

"Sure it does, Jen is cooking something."

"Really? Yay!" Izumi hadn't eaten anything, but he didn't want to tell Kiichi so he walked to the table following the black haired doctor. They sat down and Jen brought in some pans.

"Look who woke up! And ye were supposed to be the one invitin'!" he winked at Izumi who hugged him smiling childishly.

"I know! One day we'll go and eat something."

They sat and began to eat, chatting about the recent events of the party. Then Kiichi saw a brown head walking through the kitchen, "Who's that?"

Izumi followed the stare and waved his hand, "Oh, that's Tomo."

"Boy…Izumi I really didn' know ye went for li'tle ones!"

Izumi laughed, "He's the one who destroyed my garden."

"You don't seem very concerned…"

Tomo walked into the room glaring at the floor, "Kahara-san, I will begin because my brother won't let me go home until I finish at least a part of your garden."

"Go ahead!" Izumi smiled at the boy.

Kiichi began to talk about what he wanted to do for the wedding, Izumi squealed every time he found something in the arrangements cute. Jen just smiled blushing at the constant glances he got from the blond and his lover.

"Yeah! I love the idea of both wearing white!" Kiichi sighed in relief and looked outside.

"I think we should go." Jen nodded at him and both stood up saying good-bye to Izumi.

The blond closed the door and then he remembered that Tomo was still outside. "Tomo, come inside!"

"But I haven't finished…"

"Who cares?" Tomo grinned and walked back to the house. "Want something to eat?"


"Um, okay, why don't we look for something in the kitchen?" Izumi walkd and the boy followed realizing that Izumi was wearing the same robe as in the morning.

"Why aren't you wearing clothes?"

Izumi looked at his robe shrugging, "Um, well because I'm used to be like this… go and find something." He looked at the boy running into the kitchen. He sighed, it was just normal for him to walk somehow naked.

Tomo opened some cupboards, finding a quick-cook-pizza, "This looks nice!"

"Okay, well I think we should…um, I eh-" Izumi looked around the kitchen, not knowing what to do.


"Right!" He placed the package in the micro and closed the door looking at the numbers.

"Let me do it." Tomo clicked on some buttons and the machine began to work.

"You should give me some cooking lessons."

"Common sense in the kitchen lessons…" They both laughed and ate the warm pizza with some coke.

There was a knock on the door, and Izumi opened it seeing Tomo's brother. "I'm here for Tomo."


"Seiji!" The boy jumped into his bother's arms.

"Izumi-san, I wanted to know if you would like to come to a party. It'll be in the park down the street, BBQ."

"Yay! Sure!"

"At two."

"Like two in the evening?

"No, in the afternoon."

Izumi laughed nervously, "Silly me."


Izumi- I feel weird, and I think I like Seiji, he's hottt!

Aoe- see I told you you would be fine

Izumi- TT but you're still my god, I worship theee!

Afk- - boy get over it…