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Bring me to real life

Chapter 7

Jiro had been planning a complot to make his mother scream in anger. Takashi would just stare at him and sigh.

"Just remind me why it is so important that your mother knows about us?" Takashi began to make a knot with his tie. The party tonight would be "much grander than anything you've seen boy" or so had Jiro's mom said.

"Because this is it! With this I can make her have a heart attack!" Jiro began to throw clothes all over the floor in search of something.

"You want to kill her? I don't think telling her will do the trick…" Takashi adjusted his tie, looking at himself in the mirror.

"No, it has to be something worse…she has to be ashamed, she has to want to kill me!" Jiro began to laugh and Takashi sweatdropped while staring at the boy.

"Are you sure you don't want to get in good relations with her?"

Jiro, who wasn't listening pulled black leather clothes out, "Oh yeah I'll do that! I'll make her so embarrassed she won't want to come out of the house in a year!" He turned to Takashi with an evil smirk, "I'll wear this to her birthday party!"

"Are you sure?" Takashi was worried, but still liked the outfit. "Jiro I hope you know what you're doing…"

Izumi wandered through the fair with wide eyes, he had never been to one, or at least last time he wasn't allowed to see much of his surroundings. He loved the little games and the presents he got from each one he won.

Seiji won a pink stuffed turtle for Izumi who found it much more lovely and cute than anything else. Izumi noted that being with Seiji jaws nice, and every time the older male smiled at him, Izumi felt warm creeping on his stomach. Similar to what he felt with Aoe, just warmer and real, not so lustful.

They sat on a bench to eat cotton candy, and Izumi was making a mess out of himself. Seiji began to laugh at seeing Izumi's left check full of pink candy, "Here, let me…" Seiji reached out his hand to take the sweet off, cupping Izumi's cheek and scraping with his thumb.

Izumi felt his heart race, and once the candy was off, Seiji took his hand away still chuckling not really noticing Izumi's new scarlet blush. "T-thank you." The blonde stuttered.

"Well, we still have to see the mirror house." Seiji stood up and led the way. He smiled when Izumi acted like a kid, he had to admit, after having such a life it was very understandable how he could enjoy himself so much with a candy and a stuffed turtle.

There was a voice inside his head that demanded more contact with the blonde, more security for him, to hold him and to kiss his troubles and past away. Seiji was so troubled within his mind by thinking how wrong it would be to do that because Izumi wasn't a stable person, he didn't realize they were already in the mirror house and Izumi was having a laugh.

"You look so funny!" Seiji had to agree, his whole upper body was more than twice big, he looked like an extreme American football player.

Izumi walked to other mirrors finding himself with one that made him look extremely tall and thin like a straw. "I definitively like this one!" Seiji laughed at the blondes remark and walked to one were both resembled big round balls.

"No you look very sexy." Seiji said and Izumi just stuck out his tongue. The blonde ran to the last mirror stopping and just staring.

"This one's boring." Seiji walked behind Izumi finding the normal mirror, he smiled and pulled Izumi to his chest.

"I think it's the best." Izumi turned and Seiji captured the blonde's lips with his own. Izumi smiled and deepened the kiss while wrapping his arms around Seiji's neck. Unstable or not I don't care. I love him.

"Why is everybody staring at my ass?" Jiro walked feeling to good to get embarrassed.

"Well, hun, what you're wearing is pretty, um how can I explain…" Takashi stared at the outfit, black leather pants and black unbuttoned shirt with a slight glitter. The little tight ass was way too much for him, he didn't want a nosebleed.

"This is what I needed then!" Jiro smirked, just for this he would dress like that.

"Where did you get this anyway?" Takashi asked, knowing the boy would never buy such outfit.

"Kenji gave it to me as a prank joke, but now it's become useful!" Jiro turned to stare at the blue haired man with a don't-think-I'll-wear-it-again look. "I'll go and visit some family." Jiro began to laugh in a "evil" kind of way…

Takashi sighed and walked to the bar. He saw a small boy with pink hair. "Hey, mind if I join you?"

"Oh, uh, I already have a date…well kinda." The boy smiled kindly.

"Oh don't worry, mine is out there too." They both laughed and Takashi sat down asking for a beer.

The boy turned to him, "Sorry, you just never know."

Takashi shrugged and stared at the boy, he was looking at the crowed with a sad expression. "You're looking gloomy."

The boy turned and tried a soft smile, "Well, what can I say? I found the perfect guy for me but I know nothing will happen between us."

"And why is that?"

"He's the heir of a family business, those guys try to hide their homosexuality so they don't offend their families."

"Then why don't you ditch him if you now all this?" Takashi asked, becoming rather interested in the story.

The boy shrugged, "Because being with him for just one night is enough to make me believe how it would be a perfect life." The boy's eyes glimmered for a second, "He's rather serious, but extremely sexy. What about your date?"

"Oh, he went to get his mother a heart attack…" The boy turned with a question look in his face, Takashi laughed, "Don't ask."

"There you are!" Tsukasa walked towards them and the boy grinned and jumped at him, Tsukasa didn't realize that Takashi was there until he lifter his face. His smile faded somewhat, "Takashi."

"You already know each other?" The boy asked.

"Yes, I'm his brother's boyfriend. I knew you were gay." Takashi grinned, ah that lovely 6th sense. (A/n: and the fact that everyone in this story is gay! . )

"Yes well, you are an intelligent man, I guess you have figured everything out. I want that at least Jiro can be happy the way he is." Tsukasa looked hopefully at Takashi.

"You're a good brother." Takashi thanked him silently and the couple walked away.

"Takashi! I can't find her!" Jiro stormed towards the bar finishing the blue haired beer. Before Takashi could laugh there was a huge explosion that made the house rumble. People panicked and Jiro just stared as a piece of the roof fell down, "What the fuck?!"

Takashi's eyes went wide and pulled Jiro towards him before finding shelter under the bar table. "Get down!"

There was another explosion and Takashi took out his cell phone ready to call when there was a call actually getting in, he answered to find Aoe shouting. "I NEED YOU NOW! IZUMI'S HOUSE."


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