Paranormal Investigations

Case Study: Jack the Ripper

Investigators: Kate, Craig, Mark, Sarah

"I don't believe it, that's another murder I've just had to autopsy," Kate said, "This guy is a mass murdering sicko."

"He…whoever it is smells human to me," Craig said, "We have a human psychopath."

"Times like these call for desperate measures, eh?" Kate asked, "I'm gonna find this arse and raised everyone he killed…"

"Calm down Kate," Craig said gently, "This isn't a joke."

"No, of course its not," Kate said, silently fuming as her eyes narrowed, "Although I don't think he'd taste good either Craig."

"You two are arguing again…" Sarah said, coming forward to greet them. Sarah was a recent addition to the team, still coming into her psychic abilities.

"I would rip him a new one if he ever came after me," Mark stated, running up to join Sarah at her side. Mark had joined before Sarah, a werewolf of decent size when transformed, but otherwise had broad shoulders and long hair that he had tied back in a ponytail.

"Can we go inside to discuss this?" Kate asked, "We need to decide our next step." Kate was one of the original investigators. She loved pants above all other styles and took to wearing long male trench coats because female peacoats and trench coats weren't a dark enough color nor suited her style. Her long black hair, which was tied back in a ponytail and her green eyes went perfectly for her dark and creepy personality. Namely, she was a necromancer and the dead were her business.

"This is what…our fifth big supernatural appearing case?" Craig asked as they entered their bureau. It was actually a bookstore that had been abandoned some years ago, fixed up by the investigators to use as their 'home base'. Sure they still sold books in it but only ones that were 'supernaturally suited.' The name of the bookstore had long since begun to fade but looking closely some could still read "The Big Blue Bookstore." None of the investigators wanted to redo the sign or put up a new one. The faint moonlight shone, reflecting a little off the glass, some of it which was boarded up.

It may have looked broken down on the outside but inside it had been restored. There were a few bookshelves stacked with all sorts of books, used for both reference and for sale if anyone came in to see and look at what books were there. Few did if any and even when someone was there they took little interest in books titled, "Vampiric Blood" and "Why Werewolves Howl". Some of the books were factual and others were purely for entertainment. Along with the books desks of various shapes and sizes littered the main floor, a small kitchen area in a corner with a stove, fridge and cabinets. In the back a few feet along the wall from the kitchen was a set of stairs leading to a basement, where most of the investigators lived, except for Kate who was residing in a graveyard Mausoleum and Mark who had an apartment.

"Home sweet home," Kate said as she opened the door and headed inside, everyone following after.

"I better go get something to eat," Craig said, "I'm getting a craving for pig's blood. I'll be back in a moment." He headed for the door in the back and headed down to the basement. The basement also held Craig's lab, he was a good chemist and his lab was full of beakers and chemicals and a wide variety of instruments. They grew more advanced as the times changed and Craig found himself cleaning house every hundred years or so.

Craig was the only blond on the team, a vampire as powerful as they come. He wasn't the stereotypical vampire either, his red trench coat and half glasses made him look slightly feminine. He was, very much so. He had no interest in women in any shape or form…he preferred men. And preferring men, he was Mark's worst nightmare. For some unknown reason Craig had a huge crush on Mark and hit on him at every possible opportunity. Mark kept pushing him off and threatening death.

"Stay away from me you damn vamp!" had become a favorite saying of Mark's, almost a necessity when Craig was attempting to hang his arms around Mark's neck. Of course Mark had his own crush to deal with, on Sarah, the new girl, the psychic. Sarah kept turning him down, a 'no' was the only thing she found she needed to say to get Mark to back off. It was that and his fear of Sarah's psychic abilities that had him give up easily, for a time. He just couldn't get over his crush and kept trying and trying and failed each time…miserably.

"Have fun, we still need to talk before morning though," Kate said, waving him off. The basement was also her autopsy room, and held weirder tools than in Craig's lab. Of course, she couldn't bear to throw much away when it came to her tools and so boxes littered one side of her autopsy room, tools long forgotten and possibly decaying. Being a necromancer, she could easily raise the dead and find out more information than an autopsy could tell sometimes and she did it only when the need arose. However, she had grown quite bored of raising the dead. She preferred the autopsy because she believed it made the work 'fun'.

They were really mismatched, Kate bored of raising the dead, Craig bored of human blood and Mark tired of being a werewolf, although with Craig's mixture he was able to control it a little better. Then there was Sarah…there was no other explanation for her powers other than Sarah was Sarah, a psychic still learning how to control her powers.

"Are you going to perform an autopsy on the victim?" Sarah asked.

"Number sixteen? It'll be the same as all the others, various weapons, piercings… stuff like that. Won't be anything more or anything less, I almost wish this guy would get a little more creative, maybe give Craig something to do," Kate said with a sigh, "These people…some of them hardly died with dignity."

"A shame," Sarah said as she sat down at her desk. Kate sat down on a nearby chair and crossed her legs, staring at the door with her head in her hands. Mark sat down at his desk as well and pulled out a deck of cards and began to shuffle them.

"What are we going to do?" Kate asked ,"He's only human, we could just wait for him to die…"

"How many more people will you let die?" Mark asked angrily in the midst of shuffling his card.

"I'm just kidding…" Kate replied, frowning upon her palm, drumming her fingers against her cheek.

"Could we set a trap?" Sarah suggested, "It would be simple enough."

"No it wouldn't. There is no clear pattern of attack, no connection between the victims," Kate said, "We could just have one of us wandering around in a park late at night and hope he shows up."

"Jack the Ripper, such an original name," Sarah said as she scanned the daily newspaper.

"That's what the papers call him," Mark said, "Not that good of a name."

"…" Kate said nothing, merely frowned in thought.

"I'm not getting any signals…" Sarah said, "But then again…I'm still learning to control everything with my powers…"

The door to the basement opened and Craig came out carrying a flask and a wine glass filled with his vampire blood wine.

"Did I miss anything?" Craig asked.

"Just our wild ideas on how to catch a mass murderer," Kate said, "Maybe I should just have the dead roam the streets. No on will be out at night while this guy's at large."

"Not with good 'ole Jack!" Craig said.

"This isn't meant to be funny," Kate said glaring as Craig pulled up a chair next to her, "We're actually being serious right now."

"I just want to transform and roam the streets and kill any guy that has a meat cleaver," Mark growled.

"He doesn't have one," Sarah said, completely emotionless in her tone, "He prefers a variety…"

"Calming your mind to seek things out," Kate said admiringly, "That's good. I knew this would be a better outlet for you."
"Yes it is," Sarah agreed, "Now…"
"We need some sort of idea of what we're going to do…" Mark said, hitting the top of his desk and the sound filled the air for a moment before vanishing.

"Loose our morals," Sarah interjected, "Although it's not like we had many to begin with…"

"What?" Everyone else asked, all eyes falling upon Sarah.

"It says that a majority of the killings…in this majority the victims were whores," Sarah said, "The other killings are only slightly more random but it is something."

"We have two women in this bureau," Craig said, "I don't think either of them have the means to do it, nor the drive."

"Saying I'm not pretty enough?" Kate challenged.

"No, it's not that but it wouldn't suit you or Sarah for that matter to act as whores," Craig explained, "There's no guarantee."

"You could do it, you act like a female enough already sometimes," Kate said smirking.

"I may like guys but I do not cross dress, it's barbaric!" Craig exclaimed.

"Barbaric? Is that really a proper term for that?" Kate asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I'll do it," Sarah said and everyone turned to her, all arguments long forgotten in an instant.

"But why?" Kate asked.

"Because I'm new here, this will be a test of my powers because I still hardly fully understand them of yet and because I can," She replied mildly.

"We're not forcing you to," Craig said.

"I can do this," Sarah replied.

"Can I pick the outfit?' Mark asked excitedly but shrunk back when all eyes fell on him and he lowered his head, "Never mind."

"Tomorrow we'll get you an outfit and then when night comes we'll have you walk around in a park…one that's very dark…very deserted," Kate trailed, "Are you sure you want to do this?"
"Yes," Sarah replied, "I will do this."

"All right, we have our bait!" Craig said, clapping his hands together, "Let's hope this works."

The next night the trap was set. Kate was helping Sarah into the low cut dress of black velvet that had no sleeves. The length was down to just above Sarah's knees. Mark was out in his werewolf form with Craig, jumping rooftops to see any activity that was going on so they could avoid it and to avoid getting other people hurt from this endeavor. They already said that if either of them found Jack the Ripper they would kill without a second thought. Kate and Sarah felt the same way, so there was no discussion in the matter against it…nor was anything discussed about method.

"There we go Sarah," Kate proclaimed as she tied the last knot in the back. Sarah let her hair fall down again as she had been holding it up so Kate could see and turned to face Kate.

"Thank you Kate," she replied, "I appreciate the help." Kate noted Sarah was trembling slightly as she composed herself and brushed some non-existent dust off of her dress.

"Sarah, if you're afraid you don't have to do this," Kate said, "Don't push yourself." Sarah's next few movements were jerky, rigid and she began to do something she hadn't done in years. She went forward into Kate's arms, sobbing.

"I'm sorry," she cried between sobs.

"What's wrong Sarah?" Kate asked, "I can't help you if I don't know what's going on."

"I'm sorry I'm not strong!" she wailed and Kate grabbed Sarah's chin and tilted her face upwards.

"You're plenty strong," Kate said kindly.

"But I can't handle my powers!" Sarah exclaimed.

"That will come in time," Kate said.

"But…but…" she sobbed and Kate knelt down on the floor holding Sarah. Sarah was so young yet, that Kate knew and understood. She had been young once.

"Don't worry Sarah," Kate said gently, "I've lived longer than you have and I still mess up sometimes. I still will. We all get better Sarah, honestly we do. Rome wasn't built in a day…" Sarah nodded slowly wiping her eyes and regaining her composure, standing as she did so. Kate stood as well.

"Thank you Kate," Sarah said, "Thank you…"

"Besides Sarah, if you're in danger, you'll know what to do with your powers," Kate said and Sarah nodded, a determined look on her face.

"Okay, thank you Kate," she said and forced a smile, "Let's get this creep." Kate smiled back at Sarah and hugged her.

"Hey, I may like the dead but I have learned a thing or two about humanity," Kate joked, "Let's get going."

Sarah walked down the street slowly. She sensed the others near her, above her on the rooftops. She knew exactly what she had to do and was prepared to do it the best she could. She headed towards the empty park Mark and Craig had made sure was empty, hoping, praying it would be over soon. The darkness engulfed her and her shoes softly clinked as she walked down the road. The wind blew cold against her and she shuddered but her determination pushed her forward. She was ready to meet fate and come out on top.

Arriving at the park she glanced around, the trees crying softly as the wind rustled their leaves.

"I'm ready," she spoke loudly, mainly to tell the others, "I'm here." She knew…hoped she knew that Craig and Mark would hear her. She didn't sense Kate anywhere near her now.

"And why are you here and ready?" a cold voice asked and she turned around to see a man in black, a black hat, outfit, gloves and even his boots and hair! His face…what she could see was pale and tired, lines under his eyes.

"I…I…" Sarah stammered, realizing who this was. The black aura surrounding his heart…it was Jack the Ripper!

"A little cold, isn't it to be wearing such loose clothing?" he asked and a shiver ran up Sarah's spine.

"I guess," Sarah said, trying to fight her fear.

"Those clothes are very immoral for women, someone like you," he said stepping closer, "All you whores, immoral females…"

"W…What?" she asked.

"You deserve death for tainting this great city…you loose morale beings, no sense of decency!" he said and stepped closer again.

"But…But…" Sarah started.

"But nothing!" he shouted and raised something, glimmering silver in the moonlight above Sarah. A knife! She turned and started to run, Jack the Ripper just laughed at her.

"So many like you tried to run…" he said, "Tried and failed…"

"Help!" Sarah screamed, forgetting all about her psychic abilities.

"No one can save you, not even yourself!" he said and she could feel him catching up to her. She tripped over a root and fell forward, turning and rolling to the side just as the knife slashed down at her. She had to use her powers…she focused and pushed at him…and he went flying backwards, landing on the ground with a thud.

"Stay away from me," Sarah said dangerously, "Jack the Ripper."

"You know my name and now my face…what makes you think I'd even consider letting you live?" he asked as he stood up and came at her again.

"Uh-uh, stay away from her!" a voice shouted and the dead rose up around Sarah, shielding her from Jack. He backed away and turned. Kate stood in front of him, his back turned to Sarah and she was manipulating the dead like puppets on a string.

"Who are you?" Jack asked and Kate smiled that ever creepy smile she had and narrowed her eyes.

"Cliché as it is, I'm your worst nightmare!" she exclaimed as she tugged on the strings. Dead flew towards Jack but he dodged out of the way and charged towards Kate. A howl was heard and Mark, in his werewolf form landed in front of Kate, swatting Jack with his claws and Jack went flying into a tree, bleeding slightly.

Craig arrived at Sarah's side and helped her up.

"You all right?" he asked and she nodded.

"Yes, I'm fine," she replied and then approached slowly where Jack was struggling to stand.

"Who are you people?" he repeated as he raised his head, a look of hatred and loathing on his face, "You sinners…" Sarah didn't respond, she merely focused her energy and lifted Jack off the ground. She carried him high in the sky and watched him fight against her powers.

"I am no whore," she said and dropped him from where he was. Jack fell from the sky and landed on the ground near Kate and Mark.

"You are the one to deserves to die, you're no better than these 'sinners' you speak of," Kate said and the spirits she brought forth attached themselves to Jack and as he screamed, dragged him down into hell.

"Good riddance," Mark said as soon as he finished changing back. Not being the night of the full moon he wasn't forced to remain a werewolf.

"Sarah, you did wonderfully!" Craig exclaimed but Sarah only nodded her thanks and went to approach Kate.

"Kate…when I was alone there…before you came…I could sense Mark and Craig nearby…but not you. Where were you?" she asked

"I was nearby Sarah," Kate replied easily.

"Then why couldn't I sense you?" Sarah asked, "It was like you weren't even living!"

Kate smiled sadly, "When I communicate with the dead my presence seems to fade and meld with the dead I control. When you become a little less sensitive to everything you should be able to find me when I'm raising the dead."

"Oh," Sarah replied, a mixed feeling of foolishness and anger filling her mind.

"It's all right Sarah, Craig and Mark didn't even know and you've been the only one to point it out," Kate replied, the smile on her face turning creepy, "That had been fun…"

"So…um, Kate, where did you send Jack the ripper?" Mark asked and Craig smiled knowingly, the answer clear in his mind, telling Mark Kate had done something like this before.

"He was sent to where he belonged," she said, "Hell."

"Oh," Mark said, cracking his head to one side as the realization hit him.

"Let's go home. I don't want to linger here with day coming soon," Craig said.

"Fine we should," Kate said with a yawn, "Let's go home."

"Back home, back home at last!" Kate said as everyone headed into the bookstore.

"I don't always understand why mortals have to kill…" Craig said with a sigh and then let out a laugh as he saw his flask and glass and ran towards it, eager to eat.

"He had said people with no morals deserved to die," Sarah said as she walked to her desk and sat down, laying her head in her arms, "But he in turn gave up his own morals to do so."

"But he thought he was right, how can you say he truly gave up all of his morals?" Kate asked, "What did you see?"

"I saw how he had been raised," Said, "A brief memory, raised just like a gentlemen."
"I see," Kate said settling down on a chair and leaning back, "This world keeps having surprises in it."

"I agree with that," Mark said with a sigh, "At least this case is over, no more murders by Jack's hand."

"I'll drink to that!" Craig exclaimed, glass in one hand and flask in the other, "Hey Mark, now that the case is over, how about a date?"

"NO!" Mark exclaimed and Craig wrapped his harms around Mark's neck.

"C'mon, please?" Craig begged, trying to look as cute as he could. Mark got really mad with this though…

"Stay away from me you damn vamp!"

End Case

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