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The judge shuffled through white sheets of paper on his desk and lightly glanced at Eric and Meredith as he read what was probably complaints and witness accounts. Meredith took a few deep breaths to keep herself from getting too nervous. Her eyes met with Eric's for a moment and she felt like she was flying. The courtroom was very quiet for a number of minutes. Then the judge's head lifted from reading and he straightened himself in his seat. "I see that the meeting of this case is over indecent relations between a Mr. Eric Blair and a Ms. Meredith Wilson, correct?" he said to the bailiff. The bailiff nodded in response. The judge looked at Meredith. "Ms. Wilson?" Meredith stood up and tried to keep composure.

"Yes, your honor?"

"Explain to me in your own words what happened between you two," he requested. The bailiff walked over to ehr and she placed her left hand on a book, swearing she would tell the whole truth. After that was done, the bailiff walked back to his position and Meredith sighed.

"Well, it was near the beginning of the school year, and i was being tortured at school by fellow peers. It got so bad that I tried to kill myself in the back courtyard of the school. Mr. Blair stopped me and took me to his house, because I was too scared to go home in the condition I was in. I guess after that, we grew closer, and I fell in love with him. It is true that we had sex. But it wa sprotected and I trusted him."

"And you are aware that it is illegal for a teacher to have sexual relations with a student?"

"Yes...I am aware. He was too. We kept it a secret for a lot of months. But one of the girls that tortured me before found out and spread it around...and here we are now."

"Alright, Ms. Wilson. you may sit now," the judge said and Meredith sat down in her chair. She leane donm her mother's shoulder as the judge turned to Eric.

"Mr. Blair, is what she said true? Did you have sexual relations with her?" he asked. The bailiff swore him in and he nodded.

"Yes, your honor, it is quite true. I knew it was illegal, but this, is nothing like anything I have ever known. You can take away my liscence, sir, if that it what must be done. But please, don't make this any harder for her. She has already recieved so much pain from this, and she is just a pawn in this town's game of drama and sorrow," Eric said with a strong tone of voice. Meredith watched him speak and she felt tears well up in her eyes. The judge rose an eyebrow at what Eric said, thought a moment, and shrugged.

"Well I cannot legally place you in jail, because age-wise it was legal. What I CAN do is revoke your teaching liscence. You will not be able to work as a teacher anywhere in the country," the judge said, his voice sunding a little bit softer. His eyes rested on Meredith and he lifted a finger. "Approach the bench, please." Meredith nodded and stood up, walking nervously to the judge. He leaned over, and Meredith felt herself grew weak in the knees. He peered at her for a moment as the courtroom grew silent. "Hmm," he said softly.

" something wrong, your honor?" Meredith inquired. Judge Randshire tilted his head to the side and widdened his eyes.

"No. I just wanted to see something. You may sit down now," he replied. Meredith shrugged and walked back to her seat, very confused. Judge randshire straightened back in his chair and picked up the sheets of paper. He made them into a pile and wrote something on the top sheet. "Mr. Eric Blair, you are hearby revoked from teaching."

"Yes, your honor," Eric said sadly. He sighed. Mereidth felt a pinch inside of her throat and she fought back her tears. So many tears she had shed in the last few months...over everything...but she couldn't show him her tears. Not now.

God, I am so sorry, Eric. Please forgive me...I didn't mean for this to happen, she thought. This should never have happened...I'm a curse...I can't be forgiven for this...

"Court is now adjourned."

"Please rise," the bailiff stated. Everyone stood as the judge left the room. Mereidth looked at Eric and felt her mother hug her. She saw her father walk up to her and she froze.

"Meredith..." His voice seemed...shaken. This surprised Meredith. "I'm glad that is over..." Clara sighed and Meredith watched her father for a moment. He was silent as she stared at him. A smile spread across her lips and she grabbed onto him tightly.

"Daddy!" She exclaimed, nuzzling her face into his sleek buisness suit. His body was tense, but loosened up, and she felt his arms wrap around her. If anyone else had understood them, this would have been a truely beautiful scene.

When Meredith moved her head, she saw Eric watching her. He kneeled down and picked up a folder. He took out sheets of paper an held it up with a smile. Meredith felt tears in her eyes and she grinned.