My Darkest Secret

My dearest friend,

I tell you everything; I've trusted you with my life. But recently, I've noticed something is altered in me. It feels funny, should it be there? Yet over time, little by little, as I speak to you more and more, I realize I've begun to fall under your mesmerizing spell.

I know what the feeling is- I'm in love with you. I don't comprehend how it came about really, but don't fret. I'll act as if this emotion doesn't exist, like nothing ever happened within me.

As your council soothes my worries, your ordinary words present me hope beyond my wildest imagination. But, I must learn by heart: not to look too deeply into this passion because in the end, it could be my demise.

With each and every passing day I marvel, "Does he love me too?" Who knows? Behind closed doors you may too… Dreams of you and I as one under the pale moonlight appear right, yet I thrust them faraway off into the darkest corner of my mind. Could it be fateful if I keep disregarding it all?

You are the cause of my happiness, yes it's true. Also of all my hopes and wishes I pray befall true. I hesitate if I should reveal my sincere love for you, but I'm afraid. After all, it's a secret you can't know. Why? Because you can't be in love with a friend.


Your Secret Admirer