The Person I Long For…

Born into the same family

yet act as day and night.

Differences prevent ties of

trust to begin when

acts of insolence take

place by me.

Going through her stuff,

eavesdropping on her calls,

know it's not out of spite

(although at the moment perhaps).

Under her crybaby and klutzy exterior

lies a strong, young women

fighting for justice by night,

gaining confidence by day.

Her sense of leadership

puts all worries to rest.

Gleaming as a heroine

in the moonlight,

I secretly glance, awestruck-

amazed at what one individual

could do to make a difference

in the world.

Surrounded by loyal friends and

a loving boyfriend,

I truly envy her, but by

afar I'll admire her.

Her calm demeanour

in the face of danger,

her tender, caring

ways give me

the strength I need to go on.

Every time the moonlight shines,

her courageous face emerges

in my mind,

smiling cheerfully with

each brand new day.

My respect and admiration,

I'll keep from her,

only because I long to

become like her with all my heart.

After all, she is only,

the person I long for…