When Stars Begin to Fall

After all these years

I've come to realize

that he will never come

to me, no matter how

long I wait for him at the

helm of my heart.

All that love is gone,

gone with the wind,

taking all my suffering

and painful memories alone,

leaving me with nothing,

to begin all over again.

There was nothing I could do,

to prevent this heartache.

I knew this wasn't

going to last,

when the stars began to fall.

Brightly lit they were three

years ago, now they

fade into oblivion, never

to be found once more.

Where love was formerly found,

now lie with agony and grief.

All those dreams are left broken,

hopes are gone,

and those prayers are now to

remain unanswered.

The moon has shone

its darker side,

never to have the moonlight

shine my heart again.

Exiled to a lifetime of misery,

showers of stars come out

for the last time,

while a lover's candle burns

before the worst is near.

Why did this love story come

abruptly to a tragic end?

This fairytale is just a misty memory,

yet will remain a legend

from the past to me.

Dreams of fulfilling your kiss

are missing,

tossed into the arctic pools,

forbidden to reawaken

from its eternal slumber.

There is where I shall remain,

where stars began to fall,

fading into darkness,

and when the last dies,

so will the Light of my Heart.