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I Remember

Chapter Four

I can't speak. Barely breathe. Bernard, which suddenly strikes me as the stupidest name ever, stares at me with giant brown eyes.

"yes.. poor liddle Claire.. left all alone.. found in the bare.. cut to the bone.." It is a little rhyme that no doubt Bernard has made up on the spot.

Irrelevantly, I refuse to call him Bernard. No, he deserves something so much more wicked. Like.. Wendalyn or something.

Somehow, Bernard picks up on this.

"Ahh yes. Wendalyn Summers. She was.. a girl at your school?"

He says school with a little roll of the eyes and subconciously agree. It was no school. Just a place where I spent some of the worst years of my life.

"Home to Wendalyn Summers, daddy's liddle pwincess..Loved by all. And what do you do?" Bernard continues, that gleam in his eyes.

I shrug mutely.

"I'll tell you what you did!" He says, with all the air of a royal, fancy-schmancy pain in the ass type whatever.

"You stole her boyfriend. A certain Mr Daniel Fuller."

It's all true but at this point, I've given up caring.

"Daniel loved me." I say harshly.

Bernard grins- again.

"To death." He says, nodding his head enthusiastically.

I flinch. To death. It echoes in my head a bit before I realize it's not an echo. It's a real noise. I can almost hear Daniel standing behind me, saying these words.

I turn around. And all I see is Bernard. He smiles with a tiny trace of sadness but I can't tell if it's genuine.

"Tell me what you did to him.." He stage whispers.

I shake my head. "No."

The word is endless. I can hear the repercussions of it coming back already.

"No?" Bernard says, mock hurt and confusion on his evil, scarred face. "Well then why don't I tell the story? Would that be better?"

I shake my head again. Repeating it to myself was bad enough. Hearing Bernard say it would be pure torture. Ah, but that's what Hell is, right?

"No again? Tsk, tsk. You can't have it both ways, Claire."

"I don't want to hear it!" I scream at him, my voice breaking in my throat and it takes me a second to realise that I'm crying, slowly but uncontrollably.

"You will hear it, because you have to learn." Bernard hisses at me and I almost hear the sympathy, the compassion. Whatever it is.

He pushes me and as I turn to steady myself, the world around me spins..

And stops. I know where I am. This is Daniel's house. His mansion, to be more precise. I used to love it here, because it was so different to what I knew. We'd spend all our time together here..

"Just do it!" Daniel says coaxingly.

"No! You know I can't swim!" I say, pulling away from him.

"I'll be right there with you." He pleads. "And it's not even that deep!"

I shake my head, looking at the sign that clearly indicates that the water level is at 2.4 metres. Last time I checked, I was only 1.7… I'd drown.

"Please?" Daniel says pleadingly again and I strengthen the little resolve that I have.

"Ok. But you have to hold my hand." I say childishly.

He grins. "Duh."

He leads me over to the edge and I look down, seeing my reflection rippling. I can do this, I tell myself and I feel Daniel take my hand. He squeezes it, reassuringly.

"You can do it." He says simply. "One.. Two.. and.. Three!"

We jump.

Splash. The sound reverberates and as I stare, the image fades to a shadow of it's former self.

"Liked that one didn't you?" Bernard asks, breaking my thoughts.

I nod. I remember that day so well. It's gotten me through so much.

"Want to keep going?"

"Keep going?" I ask.

"To see the rest of it."

I jerk back to reality. No way. I can't see the rest. It'd kill me.. apart from I'm already dead and all that.

"Do you want to see him?" Bernard asks.

"Who?" I ask dumbly.

"The Fuller boy."

"Daniel?" I ask, even more stupidly.

Bernard makes an impatient tutting sound. "Of course Daniel."

"How?" I ask eagerly.

Bernard regards me with a mixture of amusement and boredom. "It's pretty simple actually," He drawls. "We go find his section, ask to see him."

"What do you mean his section?" I ask, the blood (or whatever, blood substitute) beating in my ears.

"Are you really this stupid?" Bernard asks me incredulously.

"No," I say weakly. "What are you talking about? How can I see Daniel? Are you allowed into Heaven?"

Bernard starts. He stares at me in shock for a second and then laughs. Finally he stops and wipes his eyes.

"Dear girl, what makes you think he's in Heaven?"


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