Wind Walking is probably one of my favorite pieces of writing. I got the idea from a bunch of random prompts we got in class one day. It was originally in poem form but I took it and changed it into a mostly dialogue story format that I enjoyed writing as much as I did the poem. I have the poem just not typed or saved...Grrr...But I'll track down a copy and post it sooner or later...probably later.

Wind Walking
(A story)

Chapter One: The Mother.

"Mom…Can I tell you something?"
"Sure sweet heart, what is it?"

"Chad, you know you can tell me any thing."
"I know but…it sounds weird."
"Weird or not, you can tell me."
"I heard the wind walking through my room last night."
(a smile.) "I'm sure that was just a dream sweet heart. Don't worry, winds don't walk."
"All right."
"Now go play."
(soft foot fall moving farther away.)

Chapter Two: The Father.

"Dad…Can you help me?"
"Sure Chad, what do you need?"
"They won't stop."
"Who won't? Are you being picked on?"
"…No…Not really."
"Then what is it?"
"The wind is still walking through my room at night."
"…? The wind is walking through your room?"
(A nod.)
(laughter.) "Don't be silly Chad, winds don't walk. You're reading to much of that Fiction stuff again. Go and play."
(A sad nod and soft foot fall moving farther away.)

Chapter Three: Not a Dream.

(A small child huddled against the head board of his bed, knees up to his chest. He watches as the wind walks across his room. He had staid awake that night just to see if it really was a dream or if the wind did really walk in his room. What he saw scared him, he knew now that it wasn't a dream or a silly thought…The wind really did walk in his room. And more were joining the first wind.)

Chapter Four: Wind Games.

"Come play with us."
"Why won't you? You want to play with us, we can tell."
"No I don't."
"Come on Chad, you haven't played in such a long time."
"I never played with you. And how do you know my name?"
"You did once. We've known you sense you were born, you loved us then."
"I don't remember…and even if I did, I wouldn't play with you anyway!"
(A soft sigh.) "You'll play again."
"No I won't."
"We'll see."
(The sun rose and the winds left on a soft breeze.)

Chapter Five: No Sleep.

"Chad, I'm worried sweetheart, you haven't slept in weeks, you haven't even left your room."
(Wide eyes staring at the walls and floor the winds come to play on every night while the other people sleep.) "I can't leave…"
"Why can't you?"
"I just can't…"
"Joy...why don't we call that Doctor that Richard told us about?"
"Mark…I don't want to do that to him."
"We have no choice."
"All right."
(Wide eyes staring at the walls and floor the winds come to play on every night while the other people sleep.) "I can't leave…"

Chapter Six: Cold Pills.

"Chad, my name is Doctor Marx. Do you know why you're here?"
(A small quick nod.) "Because Mom and Dad say that I'm sick…"
"Why do you think you're here?"
"Because I told them that I heard the winds walking…"
(A small frown.) "Chad, will you tell me about the winds walking?"
"They come and play in my room at night. They say that I use to play with them when I was younger…but I don't remember."
"Chad, how old are you?"
(a nod and a thoughtful face.) "Hmm. How long have the winds been walking or playing in your room?"
"A long time…I think…I don't really know…I can't remember much from when I was really young."
(A warm smile.) "Neither can I. Then again I'm getting so old I can't remember much anyway."
(A ghost of a smile.) "…"
"Did your Mom and Dad tell you that you're going to stay here for a while?"
"Yes, they said that this place will help."
"That's what we're going to try and do. Will you do me a favor Chad?"
"Take these pills for me will you? They're just to help you sleep."
(small eyes looking at small pills in a small paper cup.) "They're cold."
"Will you take them?"
(a nod and the small pills disappear into a small mouth and down a small throat.)

Chapter Seven: Silence.

(Tears roll down thin cheeks to soak into the cover of his own pillow. He's been home a week after spending two with the kind Doctor Marx and the other young kids his age that also had to take small cold pills. He didn't miss the winds when he was at the hospital, but now back in his own room with the walls and floor that they played on at night…He no longer heard them. The small cold pills keep them quiet. They no longer play along the walls or walk across the floor…He misses them.)

Chapter Eight: Walking Again.

(An older face turned to look.) "Yes mom?"
"Are you still taking your pills?"
(A bitter voice.) "Yes, just like I have been doing for the past three years."
"Good. Well don't forget today all right?"
"I won't."
"I have to get going to work, I'll see you later, bye."
(Old eyes wait until the car is gone, a cold hand takes a hold of the small cold pills that were always so hard to swallow and the body walking to the bathroom, the hand tips and lets the small cold pills fall into the water to be whorled away on a current of blue tinted water. Lips twitch into a smile, like they do every time the old eyes watch the small cold pills disappear…Just as they have for the past year.)

Chapter Nine: Join the Games.

"Come play with us Chad."
(Eyes watch the winds as they slip into his room to walk over to his bed) "Where have you been? I stopped taking the cold pills a year ago."
(A soft muzzle on his thin cheek) "They would slip the pills into your food, then They thought that you take them and stop."

"Come play with us Chad, forget them and the cold pills. Come and play."
"What game are we going to play?"
"Any we want."
(A hopeful voice.) "Can we play any where we want?"
"Yes. As long as there are no thick padded walls or cold pills."
"Then let us leave. And play some were else."
(Two laughs, one a young boy's the other the winds'. Soft foot fall moving away until it disappears.)

Chapter Ten: No Longer.

(The parents never found him. The winds kept him company. There were no more small cold pills, no more sneaking or running. No more sadness. He hears the winds day and night now, talking to them and playing the games. They no longer kept him a wake, he was no longer scared. When he finally closed his eyes for a sleep that would last, the winds wrapped him up with their bodies, flying him off to where they could always play. The parents never found him.)