Sitting under mistletoe,
Waiting for a kiss,
Waiting for that very one,
The one your dearly miss.

He left some many years ago,
He's never coming back,
So stand up off that silly seat,
And leave before you crack.

He won't give you that stupid kiss,
He's not returning now,
So stop this childish act today,
Get up, you silly cow.

Your limbs have long since frozen,
Your eyes have turned to ice,
You didn't look that bad before,
But now you don't look nice.

Stop wasting these freezing tears,
Over the one you miss,
He stopped caring long ago,
About that silly kiss.

Now move those frostbitten limbs,
And start that heart again,
It can beat for another one,
You just search 'till then.

Give up on the one who left,
A long, long time ago,
He's never coming back, dear girl,
Stop weeping with sorrow.

You will find another,
To give that silly kiss,
But get up off that seat right now
And this boy you will dismiss.