Time has come and time has gone.
Dreams of you and me, dreams of our song.
All my life, dreams of you were mine.
How in together forever is divine.

Yet as much as love and hope sing out,
My heart is still afraid.
To bestow my love without a doubt,
In case of masquerade.

Still, shivers travel up my spine,
And breath stops in my breast.
The air around us seems to shine,
Then I know I'm truly blessed.

To have your heart's sweet melody
Hear the laughter of your smile.
To feel the closeness of your lover's gaze
Hold your passion for a while

Your strength and courage give me hope
To face each brand new day.
So afraid I am to lose it all
Can hardly bring myself to say

The words my heart have etched in stone
This fear I have for us alone.
Our future, a thing we cannot see
Don't know if our love's meant to be.

Feel's so right, we could be wrong,
Yet I've had dreams of our sweet song.
It doesn't matter, we are together,
In this moment, I'll hold forever.