Authors Note: Never written poetry before so this would be about my...third attempt at it. An assignment for Creative Writing, so it couldn't be helped. My teacher said it was pretty good, tho, and I feel pretty good about it...

Assignment: Write a poem about a childhood memory. Pay specific attention to the setting and surroundings.

January 27th, 2005

"Not For Me"

Toddling around the living room

curiosity driving me to explore.

Thin carpet barely depressing beneath my feet,

bare toes cold against the floor underneath.

The sliding door is cold to the touch,

the darkness outside reflects the light within.

Lights glare off the glass,

the fire and overhead lights glare back.

The dogs sleep in their beds to the side

snoring contentedly as they bask in the heat.

Gold flickers cast by the fire gleam in their fur;

the auburn burns hotter than the flame.

Two sets of legs prop up against the mantle,

warming by the fire in sock feet.

Arms cross around folded knees,

warding away the cold of the room surrounding.

Two bottles sit beside each pair;

strawberry pink sparkling with bubbles.

The cold sweat is slippery between my little fingers,

strawberry bubbles ticklish to my tiny lips.

The sour berry puckers my mouth,

the bubbles make my nose itch,

the forbidden tang burns my throat;

but I take another sip just the same.

The bottle escapes my double-handed hold

lifted out of my reach.

Not for you, the closest set of legs laughs,

Not for you.

I lick the lingering traces of strawberry away

and reach for the twin bottle.

This time it escapes my grasp before I can touch;

Not for you, the other set of legs agrees.

I whimper at the loss, sob at the unfairness of it all,

reaching fruitlessly for my evasive prize.

Not for me, I cry,

Not for me.

Different Strokes