My heart raced, whether out of fear or exhaustion I did not know. Which ever one it was didn't matter. I shook my head, I wasn't about to stop now. I needed to keep moving, I needed to stay alive. My survival instincts took over, sending all traces of human nature aside. I wasn't the predator any longer. I was the prey.

I raced through the woods my body acting on its on accord. I was pushing it and I knew it. I could already feel the first signs of the change. Small burning sensations tickled all over my body sending hot shivers down my spine. The skin beneath my clothes was stretching and twisting demanding for obedience. My fear was feeding it. Fear was making the change come quicker and faster than ever before. I was afraid. My predatory instincts recognized this emotion and screamed at me to defend myself. I ignored it.

If I was going to get out of here alive then I needed to keep complete control over these urges. I bit down hard on my tongue. The taste of sweet copper filled my senses, dulling back the change. It was satisfied…for now.

A twig snapped to my right. I skidded to a halt, trying to keep my breathing calm and quiet. I crouched down on all fours as close to the ground as possible. I scanned the area, my eyes glowing in the darkness. I was suddenly thankful for my heightened sight able to pick out even the smallest of details. There was nothing.

I lifted my head slowly from the ground, but still remained crouched. My ears twitched trying to pick out any sound of my pursuers. Nothing. There wasn't one sound. The forest was…silent. My instincts told me this was bad. Unfortunately there usually right.

Slowly I got up, first to a crouch on my knees, then to my feet in one swift movement. My gaze swept over the area once more studying it for anything I may have missed. Still no luck. I willed my body forward again and it obeyed. When I resumed running I put my senses on full alert.

My figure was but a shadow weaving in and out of trees. The only sound was my ragged breathing and the soft thud's of my bare feet against the ground. Even then the sound was minimal and not very easy to pick out from a distance.

The concept of time didn't occur to me. Each hour passed by in one painful blur. My thoughts keep me going. My thoughts fueled my actions. I held on to them, they were my last salvation. Keep running, don't stop now. I kept repeating it over and over in my mind. The thought made me feel better.

Truth is I wanted to stop and rest. But, fear was a constant plague in my mind. I feared if I stopped I wouldn't be able to get going again. And I knew they were close behind me. Even though I had a head start there was a part of me that knew they'd catch up eventually. All in a matter of time, I suppose. But, if and when they did was a different matter. When the time comes I will stand my ground and fight. If I die in the process…then so be it. Death seemed much better then the fate they have planned out for me.

I snarled, almost beastlike through the silence. I did not ask for this…who would? I despise what I've become. Nothing will change what they have done to me. They yanked me from the only world I knew of. I was forced to leave my life behind and face their reality. I didn't like what I saw.

A savage howl pierced through my thoughts. It shattered the serene silence of the woods. My head jerked sideways, hair covering my eyes. My nostrils flared picking up their familiar scents a second too late.

There was a rustle of leaves to my left. I had just enough time to turn my head and catch a glimpse of black fur already in mid air. It hit me full in the middle, knocking me down and slightly out of breath. They found me.

I stayed down, concentrating on not breathing. Let them think I'm injured or better yet passed out. Two swift movements to my left indicated two more pack members had been sent. I inhaled quietly picking out each distinguished scent and where they were. I knew exactly who waited for me once I opened my eyes. Of course this really didn't help my current situation. I could faintly make out the sound of growling from two different areas. They were communicating to one another. Lucky for me this was hard in wolf form. Most times it was pure reflex and your wolf instincts that insured the communication between fellow pack members. At least I had something going in my favor.

They waited their motives unclear. It was likely they new I was faking it. They could smell the fear. It clung to me like a second skin.

Once I regained my breath, some of my composure, and formulated a plan, I reopened my eyes. In seconds they readjusted once again to the darkness. I was right about my assumptions. Two of the pack hovered by my left pacing back and forth. They were both in their wolf forms, which didn't surprise me.

I studied them, the brothers. Two wolves with pale blond fur stared back at me. They were too huge to be mistaken as any common dog. When we change the only thing left remotely human are basic thoughts and your eyes. Two set's of pale green eyes locked with mine, sending shivers along my neck down to my spine. Human eyes. There's no denying it. They held such intelligence and ferocity to be a wolf's. The slightly larger one in size pulled back his lips and snarled at me, flashing white fangs in the process. A new wave of fear washed through me. I was afraid and they knew it.

I kept one eye on them and switched the other to the wolf in front of me. He sat on his haunches regarding me with dull black eyes. Cold and deadly. He was majestic as ever.

The brothers moved forward and my wolf instincts took over once more. My own lips curled back and snarled. I couldn't change now. It would take to much time, effort, and left me completely exposed. I did the only thing I could do. My body moved into a defensive stance my gaze still locked. What chances do I have in fighting off three werewolves who have been well trained for situations like these and living?

The blonde wolves charged, zigzagging together in perfect formation. I waited until the right moment and barely sidestepped the smaller ones jaws, but it risked exposure to my left side. I put my arms up expecting a vicious impact. None came. I lowered them wary and cautious.

They stood a few feet away. I cocked my head to the side in confusion. Both pale blonde muzzles pulled back in a sort of smile. They're toying with me. I cursed turning toward the lone wolf. I was too late once again. A blur of black lounged towards me hitting his mark once again. I was doubled over and forced down by his weight. Before I could get hands up for protection his jaws wrapped around my throat. His fangs closed down on flesh. The pressure was enough to make me pass out.

My last thoughts before everything went black were;

I won't go back, I won't… then there was nothing.

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