I stifled a yawn, rolling over onto my side and quite content in going back to sleep, I may add. A faint but audible sound could be heard through my steady breathing. I scrunched my eyes in concentration while I tried to pick out the sound. The last thing I would have figured was to find a different set of breathing matching in time with my own. Ohh…shit.

I snapped my eyes open in alarm and whirled around to confront the intruder. I came face to face with sparkling violet orbs. In one split second I had literally tumbled backwards and off the bed in a hurry to get as far away as possible. I sat crouched on the other side of my bed, my sheets still tangled around my legs. I waited a minute, but nothing. No movements…nothing except that same faint sound that had woken me up in the first place. The person was humming.

Despite my earlier fright and the dread that lay beneath it that the person in this room was most likely who I think it is, I couldn't just sit here a wait. Patience was never one of my strong points.

So, I peered over the edge of my bed with the top of my head poking out under the covers and my eyes only showing.

There sat a young woman in a chair pulled up beside the bed. She was older than I was already in her twenties. Her hair was a dark reddish brown that flowed to her shoulders in different layers. She was slim and quite tall even though she was sitting. She was wearing one of her many business suits, this time black in color with matching high heels. The damn shoes gave her an even bigger height advantage over me. Over all she was pretty, someone who definitely turns quite a few heads when passing by. Everything about her screamed perfection from her makeup to that serene smile plastered on her face, it was the one that gave her the "frail and innocent" appearance. I snorted she was everything but that. One should never judge a book by its cover; I've learned that at least from being kept here. She did in fact have a nice side to her that was present most of the time, but if you get on her bad side well…it ain't pretty.

When it didn't look like she was going to do anything I climbed back onto the bed. I sat cross legged in front of her my face blank but my body was wary and cautious. I was close enough to the bedroom door for another attempt at it if needed. That's if I could get there in time, I mused.

We sat there neither of us saying anything. She was here for a reason and it was safe to say that it included me.

I sighed at last bringing her attention to me. Finally the humming stopped.

"Why are you here Amber?"

She smiled as if all this time she was waiting for me to say that. Amber leaned forward towards me and I flinched back. What can I say it's a reflex, okay?

Her eyes lit up and there was a brief, but not missed, smirk. It was no secret that I'm scared of the pack, hell I'm terrified. Who wouldn't be? If you weren't at least a little afraid of them then you're either really stupid or just…well really stupid.

Amber blinked, shrugged, and then leaned back into the chair.

"Do I need a reason to be here Yukira?" She asked flipping her hair over her shoulder.

I narrowed my eyes in annoyance. "Cut the crap Amber. I know you didn't just decide to grace me with your presence or to see how I'm doing. So you either tell me why you're here or," I settled back into my bed and turned away from her, "I'm going back to sleep."

There was an impatient sigh. "Kids these days," she muttered to herself. I let being called a "kid" slip. "Okay, I'll tell you."

I smiled triumphantly and turned back towards her once again. Amber caught my smile and merely lifted a skeptical eyebrow.

"Are we happy now?"

I shrugged my shoulders. "No not really," I told her honestly.

She rolled her eyes and leaned further back into the recess of the chair, crossing her legs in the process.

"Mr. Wakeman requires for you to be present in his study in one hour."

A growl escaped my lips before I could hold it back.

Amber gave me a stern look and her eyes flashed dangerously. "You will attend Yukira and you will act civilized," she snapped sharply.

I bolted upright and onto my feet and stared down at her.

"Why should I?" I asked coldly my voice clipped with just a slight sound of uncertainty underlying it. Did I know what I was doing? Hell no.

She stood up as well looming over me; she was almost a head taller than I was. Hahahaha…what was I thinking? Obviously I wasn't.

Her expression changed from being extremely pissed off to be replaced with that god damn smile of hers. She leaned forward and I bit my lip nervously, but I held my ground this time around. I wouldn't give her the satisfaction of seeing my fear a second time…if I could help it.

Amber leaned forward until her breath tickled my ear.

"Because, you have no choice," she whispered harshly.

My lip curled ever so slightly and my hands clenched into fists my nails digging in so hard I could smell the blood. As much as I wanted to wipe that smirk off her face by beating her to a bloody pulp, which I doubt I could do but the thought made me feel better, she was right. If I said no then I'd probably be dragged there kicking and screaming. But if I agreed then I'd at least keep some thread of dignity I had left.

I bowed my movements and held firm to the grip on my temper. I counted to ten...twice.

"All right," I murmured.

Amber cocked her head to the side. "What was that?"

"I. Said. All right!" I managed to spit out through clenched teeth.

She chuckled, "That's a good little girl," she exclaimed patting me on the head. What does she think I am, some sort of pet? I resisted the urge to bite those long, elegant, manicured fingers, but I didn't y'know being the good little girl I was.

Amber stepped back and crossed her arms over her chest. She clucked her tongue while her violet orbs cast over me.

"This won't do," she murmured to herself. The red haired woman circled around me. I once again felt like prey being stalked by a predator for the second time in the last day or so. She continued to mutter to herself while circling me. Every now and then she'd poke at me or tug on my hair. I stood there patiently, hissing profanities now and then when she poked a sore limb or irritated a fresh cut.

Amber sighed and stepped back in front of me. She looked down her nose at me and gave me a disapproving look. She sighed again.

"Nope, this won't do at all," Amber said shaking her head at me.

"What won't do?" I queried.

My question pulled her from her mutterings and whatever she was thinking about. She looked at me as if she suddenly realized I was still standing here.

"This won't do," Amber gestured a hand at me.

My brows creased thoughtfully. "What are you talking about?" I snarled impatiently. "Can you be a little more specific, please?"

Amber cast me a warning glance and gave me look as if I should know what she was going on and on about. Come on, I may be a werewolf but I can't read minds. I'm pretty sure it wasn't included in the package.

"You need to clean yourself up…" she continued about my appearance.

Heightened strength, sight, smell, speed, transforming into a wolf, and being able to live longer was, but nope being psychic wasn't one of them.

"Take a shower…are you listening to me Yukira?"

Hmmm…are there people who have psychic abilities? I gnawed on my inner lip as my mind went over the possibility.


I was completely oblivious to the fact Amber was speaking to me again. Hahaha…oops.

Amber glared at me with hands placed firmly on her hips. "Were you listening to me at all?"

"Ummm…Nope" I grinned at her sheepishly.

She huffed in frustration and shot a growl in my direction while I just laughed nervously and scratched my head.

Amber sighed and started again. "You need to clean yourself up. Your full of dirt, and grime," she wrinkled her nose at me. "To top it all of you're covered in cuts and a lot of bruises."

"Which isn't my fault," I muttered.

"Yukira, you are completely filthy and I will not have you looking like that in 's presence." She pointed a finger at me.

I rolled my eyes at her comment. Honestly I didn't care how I looked right now. Mr. Wakeman can kiss my ass, but I might as well humor these people for awhile. Let them think I've finally come around. I grinned mentally, and then I'll figure out a way to get out of here. Like I said before it's all in a matter of time.

I nodded my agreement with her. "Is there anything else I can do for you your highness?" I smiled sweetly at her, but I guess the sarcasm showed.

Violet eyes narrowed but she ignored my comment.

"Yes, as a matter of fact there is," Amber eyed what was left of my clothing shrewdly, " I want you wearing more appropriate clothing then what you usually wear," she ordered.

I frowned looking down at myself. What was wrong with how I dress? I shrugged a shoulder dismissing it. Whatever…that's there problem.

She stalked over to my closet and flung the door open. Amber rummaged through my clothing throwing things aside and growling in disgust at everything.

I walked up beside her and glared darkly at the back of her head. There was absolutely nothing wrong with my sense of style, it's just different that's all. Besides I'd rather die then be caught dressed in something Amber would consider "appropriate".

"What's wrong with my clothes?"

Amber snorted and peered over her shoulder at me. She lifted an eyebrow and turned back around. "If you would call them clothes," she muttered holding up a pair of baggy jeans with an assortment of rips in them and throwing them aside.

I flopped down on the floor by the recently discarded jeans. I picked them up and hugged them to my chest as if it was a stiffed animal. I cocked my head as I held them up in front of me to expect them. Okay, so they were a little too baggy, and really old, and had way too many rips, but they were my favorite pair. I pouted and took a quick look at the insane red haired woman who was currently slaughtered my clothing and grinned. I threw them under my bed for safe keeping. You never now what could happen. I could return from my little "meeting" with Mr. Wakeman, wait a minute that's if I return, and I might find all my stuff burned by Amber. I shivered evil woman…I shivered again, evil red haired woman.

About a minute later Amber was done with what was left with my closet and came to stand in front of me. I peered up at her and she shook her head at me once again.

"I swear you are the most ridiculous person I've ever met. Mr. Wakeman has offered to pay for anything you want and still you choose to wear," a wrinkle of her nose, "those," she sneered at the small pile of my clothes.

I got up brushing myself in the process and stretching my muscles. I didn't answer her. Money. Yes, Mr. Wakeman was more than willing to provide me with anything and everything I've ever wanted. It's another way to buy my trust…my respect. I snorted neither of those do I give easily.

If Amber was expecting an answer she didn't show it. Instead she walked towards my door. When her hand was suspended above the door knob she turned to me.

"I will be back in a forty minutes. By then I expect you to be clean and ready. Can you try to manage to wear something "nicer" with the clothes you have to work with," she said.

I nodded in agreement. Remember act nice, be a good little girl, and just smile. Yup, that doesn't seem that hard, right?

She nodded back and opened the door. Amber was half way out when she twisted back around.

"Ohh, yeah one more thing Yukira," she smiled at me, "I love what you've done with the place," she inclined her head towards the window. My barred window to be exact.

I growled at her and reached for my pillow. Before it could be released from my grasp she was gone and the door was shut and locked from the outside. I heard her light steps go down the hall laughing all the way. I growled again and placed the pillow back down on the bed. I pouted, stupid, evil red haired woman.

I threw myself on the bed and sighed. In less than an hour I was going to see Mr. Wakeman. He was the old man who ran the pack, he was the current…well, and I guess you would say he was the Alpha. That's how the whole wolf pack works isn't it?

I shrugged my shoulders; I really didn't care what he was. All I needed to know was he was very strong and was greatly feared by many. I laughed dryly…I was one of them.

I bounced off the bed and headed to my bathroom for a nice hot shower.

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