My tree is in love
Her hair is sweetly scented
A fruity perfume

Amongst her green curls
Are hundreds of crimson hearts
Resting in her arms

She nurtures each one
With the help of the wind who
Sings them lullabies

While golden sun rays
Provide a soft warmth to grow
And very soon my

Summer loving tree
Looks like her Christmas cousins
Adorned with baubles

Which, at season's end
Are taken off, tree left bare
This is her fate too

Her children must leave
Indeed, there are few left now
But she does not cry

She remembers life
For after winter tears, she
Will give birth again


AUTHOR'S NOTE: You guessed it, this haiku story was inspired when I sat down on a lawn chair one summer morning and noticed how pretty the nectarine tree looked with the deep red fruits hanging from its branches.