Drops of Blood

Prologue: Andrés

Andrés was tall, dark and mysterious. Yes, a cliché, but what other way to describe him? This was not a romantic, makes-girls-swoon mysterious, however. The only way to explain it is that he seemed disconnected. Andrés seemed to view us differently.

His hair was jet black. And if possible, his eyes were even darker. They seemed to purge the light from all they fell on. His skin was the palest of pale, as if all blood had been drawn from his veins.

Yet he seemed to have some kind of an allure. People were naturally drawn to Andrés. Any girl within ten feet of him was overcome with flirtatious thoughts and set about to mad giggling and blushing. Boys also found Andrés fascinating. They would attempt to impress him with boasts of feats and exploits far beyond anything they had ever accomplished. Strangely enough the adults, who usually hated this kind of teenager also found him engaging. They would endeavor to make themselves appear likeable, telling bad jokes and then winking at Andrés with a knowing look.

Most disturbing about Andrés however, was his reaction to these proceedings. He would simply stand there, cold and impassive to all.

Peculiarly, his "charm" did not appear to have an effect on me. I could not understand what others saw in this monster.

For that is what he was. Somewhere deep inside, where few dare to venture, something was wrong. There was no soul. All I saw was something black and dry, and if you touched it, it would crumble like ash. I alone realized the truth. I tried to warn them.

That is where things went hideously wrong.


"Chrissy, he is so hot!" cried Jaqi. She was my best friend, my only true friend really. But she, like everyone else, she could not resist that deadliness that pulled her to Andrés.

"Yeah but I think he's kind of a jerk," I stated. "Sure, he's hot, but don't guys need to have a good personality too?"

"You've never even talked to him!" Jaqi got offended at my comment. "He's sweet and he's got a great personality. I can't believe you would judge somebody like that."

This was a side of Jaqi I had never seen. She was usually the last person to defend a creep. At five feet, nine inches, with long legs, and a tan, strong body, Jaqi often got the wrong kind of attention and she hated it. She was always the first to distrust the opposite sex.

"F.Y.I., you haven't exactly spoken to him either," was my reply. Now I was getting angry. Then I saw the look on her face and I repented. She looked absolutely crushed. I had never spoken harshly to Jaqi, she was so tender and trusting. What was the power this creature had over us?

I pleaded with her "Jaqi, I am so sorry, let's not get into fight over a boy." I gave her doggy eyes, a look she couldn't resist.

"Oh Chrissy," she burst into giggles. "Fine." Then she hugged me and we were friends again.

As we walked to class, I reflected on this turn of events. To Jaqi, it had just been a little argument and now everything was fine. But to me, this was just the beginning.

Blood had been drawn.

He was in my Spanish class. His cold, calculating smile greeted me as I walked into the room. He was talking to some cheerleader and they didn't seem to have noticed me. But I could feel his eyes like brands on my back. They followed me as I walked across the classroom, sat down and took out my notes. While those evil eyes studied me, I did my best to ignore them.

Mr. Stone was late as usual. When he finally arrived ten minutes after the bell, the class was wild. After another five minutes of settling us down, he finally noticed Andrés.

"Oh, um, I see we have a new student." He scanned his papers. When he found the name he was looking for he said "So, you're um, A-a-ndreez…right?"

Even I felt sorry for stupid old Stone at the reply.

"An-DRÉS," That reply was a knife, cutting swiftly across delicate skin.

"Yeah, um, right, AN-drez," mumbled Stone. "Well, um, we better find you a seat."

As he searched the classroom for an empty place and his eyes settled on the empty seat behind me, I panicked.

"Hey, Mr. Stone," I called out, "he can't sit back here." It was like someone else was speaking.

"And why not Christina?"

"Well, um, you know, he probably doesn't want to sit back here, and I mean um, well…" I trailed off unable to procure a reasonable explanation as to why he couldn't sit with me. I had a really good explanation. But I couldn't just say Because I totally hate him but I don't know why but that thing is not human and we should all run away screaming. No, definitely not a good reason.

"Christina, that is rude." He was suddenly much sterner than the usual Mr. Stone.

"But, but…fine," I hissed, seething.

Andrés flashed me a cruel sneer as he walked past. He knew I hated him and he reveled in his victory.

Throughout the whole class I was aware of Andrés behind me, of that evil thing studying my every move. When the bell rang I gathered up my books and got away from him as quickly as I could. But as I rushed through the hallways, I could sense his presence next to me.

"You interest me," he hissed. And he was gone.