X: Vengeance

When I gained consciousness it was about midday. This time the thirst was so powerful that I was sure I could feel it in every pore of my body. It even overshadowed the pain the sunlight was causing my eyes. Yet I knew exactly who I was and what had happened. I also knew that I wouldn't be able to survive very long without sustenance, and to me it meant blood whatever the cost.

Fortunately I didn't have to go very far. I stumbled upon a girl wandering off the path searching for someone. It soon became apparent that Jaqi, Drew, and I had been reported missing and this girl was part of a group of students that had been sent to look for us in the bosque. Unfortunately for her however, I couldn't let her tell people that she had seen me alive, and I needed blood. My new vampiric instincts were taking over already, and though I cringed at first at the thought of killing her, it was simply a matter of necessity.

After I had banished most of the bloodlust, I set about finding somewhere to shelter. Although Andrés had been right in saying that vampires can survive in sunlight, he failed to mention that it is indeed painful to the eyes, and there is a sluggishness that accompanies it. As I soon discovered, the younger a vampire is, the more it affects them. So to me as a one-day-old fledgling, the sunlight was almost blinding, and sleep called to me at every corner.

I settled on a vacant house whose occupants were away. I showered and borrowed some clothes, then lay down on the bed to sleep.

Over the next few nights I explored my new strengths and talents. I would go into the city each night to feed, being careful to hide my victims. By day I slept in the borrowed home, but I was careful to leave not a trace of my tenure.

I dreamt of going to my family and showing them that I was not truly dead. Even then, I hoped for a solution. Maybe someone would come along who could cure me and I would go back to my family and say 'Look I'm all better' and we would all go back to our normal lives and pretend it didn't happen.

But that was never to be. As far as anyone who had ever known me was concerned, I was as dead as Jaqi and Drew. It was painful. However, the alternative was more than I could bear. The look of horror on their faces as they saw the monster I had become. Worse would be the sickly wonder that would overcome most of them when seeing me. It would drive me to an insanity that would remain with me for eternity.

So I let them suffer. I was there as they buried Jaqi and Drew. I wept with them, tears of blood streaming down my face as they lowered the mangled bodies in their caskets to the ground, to gain that eternal peace that I would never know. I cried with my sister Lily as she, too young to understand, called for 'Kissy' to come hug her goodnight. I cried as Brian and Marcus turned to each other for solace. I cried beside my mother while she sat limp in my father's arms, raging against a god who would take her baby girl.

Most of all, I cried for Chrissy. A stupid little girl who had meant nothing in the world, whose death had meant nothing. The world would go on, my family would eventually get over the pain, but I was trapped this way forever.

After a few more weeks with no clues and much elusive persuasion on my part, they held a funeral for me. The people whose house I had borrowed had eventually come back, but I had long ago abandoned it, simply staying wherever I could on the streets.

Days before the funeral, I started to sense his presence again. I ignored it and went about my business. He was watching me. I did not care. We both knew each of us was aware of each other, yet the uneasy peace remained undisturbed.

I was officially declared dead today. How does it feel? What is it like to watch them cry for you, to hear them talk about you, and to see your own headstone? What would go through your head as you watched them sign your death certificate?

Honestly, I did not care. I did not feel a thing. Oh wait, there was something. Rage. All-consuming rage for the one who did this to me. Hate in its purest form: wrath.

There he is, standing under that tree.

"Ah, Chrissy, so pleasant to see you. I wasn't sure you'd come."


"It was such a nice funeral. I'm sure you were pleased with the eulogy."

"Cut the crap Andrés. I don't give a shit anymore. It's all gone now."

"Why Chrissy, you surprise me! A young lady does not speak that way."

"I'm not a young lady anymore Andrés. And you know who made me that way? You. You destroyed my life, murdered my friends, and hurt my family. You will not get away with it. I will fucking kill you."

"But I'm already dead."

"Andrés, you see that tombstone right there, the one that says Chrissy? I swear, on that grave that I will destroy you. I will skin you, rip you limb from limb, drain your sweet blood, and then laugh, stand over you and laugh while you cry for mercy. Wait, no, you won't be able to even cry, because I'll have torn your throat out. Just wait Andrés, maybe tomorrow, maybe next year, it might not be for centuries, but one day, I will have vengeance. After all, we have eternity, right?"

As his face darkens with rage, I calmly stroll past him. Wait a second. I turn back to catch a last glance.

"Oh, and Andrés, Chrissy's dead. It's Kriztin."

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