They always told me,
the doctors, my family and friends,
that death is never the end
simply the begining of a new journey.
But how is this possible when the one I love
goes all limp as cold stone?

I stand before you as you whisper away
last wishes and ancient sorrows.
Surrounded by contraptions ment to save life
I wonder if perhaps it is all meant for show.
With shattered breath my loved one cries
'Death is but a journey, I will never die!'
But how can this be when I know how you will go
with no sound of trumpets just a last breath
that slips from a vacant shell.

'Remember me, your once loyal friend
I will always be with you until the end.
I'll be your angel high up where clouds hang
with crytallized hopes and demonized pride.
I will always be with you, remember my name.'
and with that you'll whisper 'I love you.'
and leave me here alone.

The Doctors will say sorry, the nurse will say 'Good Luck'
as they cart my love's body away to the earth.
I'll walk out into the hall and see that small girl.
How can I tell her that her friend will never come back,
how can I say 'I'm back' when I know who she is looking for.

She'll make my life easier and climb into my lap
kissing me on the cheek she will ask
'Is your love resting now?'

Death is but a journey we all must take.
It is not the end nor the begining of something new.
You can run as long as you want,

you can hide and not be seen,
Death is with you always

the calming mistress of this raggid world.

I know all this to be truth

but please, please dont leave me

to face that girl alone

Knowing I am not the one she looks for.