In order to avoid danger, it is good to know a few very important things. For instance, you should know to look both ways before crossing the street, as if you don't, there are very good chances that you may be turned into something known as "road kill", a very interesting word that describes many things, from coonskin caps to squashed squirrels. Also, it is important to remember that if a strange man (or woman) offers you candy, it is hardly ever a sign of good things to come. The candy may be very good at first, true, but what inevitably follows after is probably not something that you or I wish to think about.

Another important thing to know is the difference between "flammable" and "inflammable", which is no difference at all. You see, most of the time, when a word begins with "in" it means almost the exact opposite of what it seems to mean. For instance, the word "consolable" means "able to be cheered" whereas "INconsolable" means "UNable to be made to feel happy". And while a "satiable" monster might get bored after eating one or two children, an "INsatiable" monster is likely to want many more. However, this is NOT the case with "inflammable." If an object is considered "inflammable," it is every bit as likely to go up in flames as something which is "flammable."

Of course, if you are a good little boy or girl, you won't be messing around with fires and won't have to worry about either of these words. But it is still a good thing to remember. And if you do have the urge to play with matches one day (and we all get them) then you would take care to avoid using them around "inflammable" as well as "flammable" things, as it is likely to be very unfortunate for you if you don't.

It is probably also very prudent to note that you are quite "inflammable" yourself...