::chapter One::Faolan

He was everything I wanted to be in my thirteen year old mind. With his cold eyeliner rimmed sapphire eyes, tight pants,always black, and even tighter shirts clinging to his starved body. That California tan, i knew he had only gotten from all the days he spent skating, even the times he should have been in class. That awsome belt, the one with three rows of pyramids the middle row a hot pink, beat up vans, and the pircings. His lip, ears, right eyebrow, bellybutton and tongue. Then, of course, there was his attitude, the one my mother had always called the devil may care attitude. Slim bony hands tapering to long musicans fingers, which always held a ciggarette or a joint. He was everything I wanted to be, everything I wanted, and in my eyes he was perfect. Of course if you had asked me back then i would have never admited i was in love with the boy. But now three years later, i realized, I was and still am in love with Zackariah Jones. Now this doesn't sound too bad, even though the boy is not someone i'd take home to my parents, but at sixteen I've finally accepted i am attracted to guys... and guys only. One last thing before I go. My name is Faolan O'Riley, and I'm gay.

(A.N. I know the chapters are short but hopefully its only for the begining I wanted to do a little intro on them both)