"Hey did you hear about Zach, Melissa told me he got arrested for stealing a car. but that's not the big part. The car belongs to a big time drug dealer and now the dealer and all his work guys and stuff are like after him," a girl I knew as Heather whispered to me In first period, when we were supposed to be reading.

It was English, one of the classes I happen to enjoy so I glared at her before replying, "No, who did she hear this from?"

I couldn't help being curious, growing impatient when she took a while to answer. "Uhm... Mel heard it from Ashley, who heard it from Becca who heard if from Jessica Metson, and she heard it from someone who knows Zach," the blonde said matter of factly before taking a note that was passed to her.

Ignoring the excited squeak she made I went back to my book, "Catcher in the Rye", great book, one of my favourites. I was just getting absorbed in it again when I was poked in the side with a pencil. I turned to glare at Heather who was facing the front, then noticed a note folded by heather no doubt, sitting on the desk. Sighing I grabbed the slip of paper and opened it under the desk, rolling my eyes while I read it.

"Hey Faolan. Katie, Alice, Ben, and Robbie and I are going to the mall after school, you wanna come? write back or I'll poke you. Love, Heather." Of course I couldn't say no, however annoying her and our friends were, they're still my friends. Grabbing my pen I scribbled a quick yes and put it back on her desk. She grinned at me, trying to make her self look hot without me noticing. I snickered softly and went back to my book. Heather was really dumb sometimes, like now for instance. I swear I've told her a million times I'm not into girls like that and she's still trying to get me to do things with her.

A few seconds later the door slammed open to reveal none other than Zach. I think I stopped breathing; he was in the same class as me. I know, that's a girl line but I couldn't help thinking it. I also noticed he had gotten a little taller over the summer, and his hair had bright pink streaks in it. He's the only boy I've seen who can get away with wearing pink in such a bright colour without looking flaming.

"Mr. Joans, nice to see you've decided to show up to class on the first day. Your seats next to Mr. O'Riley sit down and start reading," the teacher, Mr. Burton, said without looking up from his lesson plans.

Zach surveyed the room, and his eyes locked on me before he made his way over. Dropping his backpack and skateboard on the ground carelessly before slumping into the chair. He regarded me once more before picking up the assigned book. I know I said I was reading "Catcher in the Rye" but that's because I love the book, I should have been reading "Of Mice and Men". It didn't matter what book we were supposed to be reading though. I didn't read for the rest of the period, I was too busy watching him.

To my disappointment I didn't see Zach again until lunch, and that was only briefly as he slipped out the doors of the cafeteria to sit outside. Once I got my lunch I walked out to where he was sitting with a few other kids I knew by sight only. They were all skateboarders; well, they all had skateboards with them.

I was surprised to see Zach's arms wrapped around another boy who was sitting on his lap, and two more boys making out pretty heavily on the grass. No one noticed me as I walked up to their group, biting my lip nervously as I tried to find something to say. The boy sitting on Zach's lap noticed me first, and smiled wolfishly before taping Zach's knee and looking back up at me.

"Z- Zach?" I stuttered, my voice squeaking a little.

Zach laughed softly before raising an eyebrow "yes?"

I fidgeted slightly and ran a hand thorough my hair before saying shyly, "Can I ask you a question?" biting my lip once more a small frown appearing on my face as I tried to ignore the eyes of the boy still on Zach's lap. They seemed to be piercing into my mind and let him read my thoughts.

"You just did, but I suppose you could ask another one," he said with a small smirk watching me as I glanced at the boy once again. Suddenly Zach laughed and shoved the boy off his lap. "You're scaring the poor boy Dom," he said as he stood up and slid an arm around my waist.

Dom laughed and sat up from his slightly laying position on the ground "You take all the fun away Zach" the boy uttered.

Then another, deeper voice said "Hey Dom come keep me company."

The boy, Dom, winked at me before moving to sit on another one of their friend's laps.

"U-u-uhm I w-was wondering? Err, well my friends and I are going to the mall and I was wondering If you'd come" I stuttered again.

I didn't usually stutter but I also never talked to Zach more than saying hello in the hall. His arm around my waist was not helping either. Zach raised an eyebrow and looked at me slightly confused.

"I guess, Danny and Jamie have to come too. I'm babysitting them" Zach said with a small smirk as he watched my reaction.

I had been expecting him to refuse; I mean we never did anything outside of school before. I was also confused as to who Danny and Jamie were and it must have shown because he spoke up again.

"Danny is the brunette over there on top of the blonde, and the blonde is Jamie" Zach grinned pointing at the two boys who were still making out.

"Do they always do that?" I asked slightly disgusted and slightly turned on.

"Anywhere but at Danny's house, his dad isn't too gay friendly. When they're not practically fucking, their hands are still all over each other, and sometimes someone else" Zach said with a laugh before letting his arm fall away from my waist as he glanced at the doors of the cafeteria.

"That blonde chick who s its next to you in English is coming over," he said with a shrug as he sat back down with a small smile. "Hey Anie, come sit" Zach said to one of the girls in his group as he gestured to his lap.

The girl rolled her eyes and stood up from where she was, settling down on Zach's lap before speaking "You need to get laid, your flirting with everyone."

Zach grinned and glanced up at me again before answering. "All in good time sweetheart, Oh and Wolf, We'll meet you on the front steps of the school after sixth."

I nodded and went to meet up with heather a little reluctantly as the girl clung to me before bombarding me with questions. I was happy though not only did I talk to Zach; he was going with us to the mall. I was already making a plan to not be there after like an hour anyway. I hate malls and not even Zach going could make me want to stay in one longer than an hour.