The Red Light District


By: Sorceress Lixing

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"Ugh" she quietly stirred

The sun was leaked through the cheap window shades

And there she was again. Trash. A beaten dog trying to survive in a world full of wolves. The night finally gave way to the morning. The morning was just like any other. She awoke as trash and slept as trash…

"My name is Ayumi…or so I believe. I've used too many names. I couldn't even remember my own. I've lived on my own, on the move all my life. I forgot how it is to trust people. I forgot what it was like to have a family, to have a home, to have a name to call you own…and…I forgot… how it is to live as a human being…"

"my name is Ayumi, and I don't know my real name…I do not have a home. I live off the streets. I have no body to call my own. Everyday my body is taken and possessed by men in exchange for money."

"my name is Ayumi…I have long brown hair and brown eyes. My mother has left my father. my younger sister was sent to live in the country with some other relatives, and I, Ayumi was left in the city to fend for myself."

"my name is Ayumi and I am a prostitute."

"Day by day, night after night, I, Ayumi would go club hopping, do phone calls…do anything to get a guy…I have did it with business men, students, old geezers, and fathers…"

"I have no home, the world was my home…" she sat down on the hard cement floor, ignoring all the world as she dozed off to a brief moment of sleep.

"have you been listening to me the whole time?" a young man, no older than myself stared down at me. I decided to ignore his question.

"I couldn't blame you." He stared up above the sky…"besides, I'm not even close to being Hide."

"Hide?… Hide… "

"he stared at me with a weird look. Cant he just leave ayumi alone?" she stared back at him.

"…you don't have a clue do you? Come on, Hide? Hide from X?. X-Japan?" he scratched his head in a hint of annoying at her ignorance.

Ayu starred away from him, got up and headed elsewhere.

"are you heading for the station?" he asked eagerly.

"no. I'm going to the red light district" she answered coldly.

…. no, she cant be…a prostitute?…at her age?…

"uhm…look, you-your always welcome to crash at my place…"

she didn't bother to look back at him. But continued walking.

"…why would you invite someone you just met at the streets to sleep in your house. Unless you're asking for something in return. I try not to charge much. But depending on what you want we can bargain that."

He was taken aback. As if he never heard something so bold, yet to her so natural.

She decided to turn around and waited for his reply.

She looked just like any other girl. Looked but not the same. Her hair was worn down, random strands fell onto her face. Her eyes were deep colored brown, also dark enough to call as black. It didn't shine in the night nor did it stood out. She wore a simple sailor schoolgirl uniform. The usual white and blue, a red tie and loose socks to top it off. You could even say she was well groomed for someone who spends their days on the streets. As it was common practice for them to groom themselves right after a rough night within the hotel room or window shopping through malls to only use the bathrooms and freeloads over free sample make-ups.

"…uhm…i…i…" the boy sweated and stammered over his reply.

"I…I want nothing in return."


"honestly!. I don't…" he looked down in shame and embarrassment.

A cold wins flew by, the skies dark over their hands signaling for rain to come. Obviously, sleeping out in the park is no good, and most of the phone service she had milked out and her cell phone ran out of batteries, her phone card juiced out.

Ayu was getting tired of waiting for a straight answer, her patience was obviously nearing its end.

"let me tell you a story." She walked back to where she previously sat. "my mother left my dad since he spends his nights at someone else bed. Drove my mom to insanity. Sent my sister to the country to live with some distant uncle and I ran away. I'm tired, hungry, don't have time to waste on a sissy as yourself." She walked away from him without a second thought.

"…" he stood there silent and oblivious as to what she just said.

"I'll-I'll pay for you time! I'll pay!" he hurriedly took out money from his pocket.

"…if your paying me out of pity, think again."

"no…that's not it…you…you remind of me of someone…so please, stay. I'll pay." His eyes were filled with determination as well as desperation. "I'll pay for your time…"

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