Red Light District Chapter 4

By: Dearx

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Like a lost kitten, I can never go away. Time after time I find myself in the same front door, the same front steps. And the same warmth that envelops me. This is my home. This is Ayumi's home…with Hiro.

Not once has he complained of my presence here… I feel like a newly born child who is relearning everything. I learned how to do the laundry, to cook…everything a housewife to do.

I, Ayumi have learned so many things thanks to Hiro.

Ayumi treasures everything she learned from Hiro.

I learned to love him…I learned how to be human…I learned how to be a woman.

He took me in when no one would. He kept me all to himself. He protected me from all danger…even when it meant abandoning his own family…

"Welcome home, Hiro" I called out from the kitchen. Busying my hands with preparing supper. The hum of the washing machine echoed through the halls.

The house duty was left to Ayumi. They lived like newly weds. She was the wife and Hiro was the husband. During the day he worked as a student and a part timer. I, Ayumi have stopped prostitution. I have not once stepped into the red light district since.

Hiro slammed the wooden door behind him and sat exhausted on the couch. He was exhausted both in mind and body…

"Hiro-kun, I'm assuming your studies in Tokyo are doing well? I wouldn't want to drag you back to Kyoto."

"Don't worry Hidemi-san! We will soon have an heir to the Mizumuru enterprises. Don't worry son. I know you'll make us proud… so…don't disappoint us."

"Don't disappoint us my ass…" He threw his coat and bag next to him. Filled with frustration and stress.

"I'm so sick and tired of coming back to Kyoto every month just to hear the same crap over and over again. That and if worse, another daughter to a CEO partner to my parents being pressed into my face. " Hiro rumbled on.

There was silence through out dinner. Not one spoke to each other nor even glanced up. It was almost a year since her arrival into his domain. And since then, she has slowly adjusted back to a...'normal life'…

Though at nights, she would wake up from a nightmare, covered in sweat or tears.