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Chapter 1

"And have you cried today Nina?" The question was a simple one, it required a one-word answer but Nina could not reply. The woman sat patiently waiting for a response, no pressure. "Not yet." Came the retort finally. Her voice barely audible, her body too exhausted to put any effort into her speaking.

"Do you think you will?" The next question was a little harder, both women knew.

"Shouldn't I?" Clever tactic, make the person asking answer for you.

"I can't answer that. Nina, this is our twelfth session and I want to help you, I know I can help you. But you have to get yourself into a position where you want to be helped. You are dealing with a great loss, it is natural to be upset and depressed, no one thinks any less of you for feeling the way you do. But the fact that you are here makes me believe you don't want to feel like this anymore." She hoped she was not to forward.

"I know Dr Harris, but she was my sister. How can I just get over being sad and go on? It's not as if she just moved far away and I know I will see her soon, she's dead." Nina said with a sigh.

"You think you are cheapening her memory? By not feeling that total sadness anymore you are somehow lessening the significance of her death." Dr Harris asked.

"That's exactly what I'm doing." Nina replied, the beginnings of tears starting to form in her eyes, the blue grey colour taking on a glassy finish.

"Let me ask you, if a person is married, but their spouse dies and they later remarry, does the first marriage mean any less to the person now they are with someone else?" Jennifer leaned forward in her chair, the way Nina contorted her face slightly showed her that she was on to something. "You living, does nothing to simplify or down play the event of your sister's death, it was a terrible accident and it will hurt for a very long time, but your sister would not want you to give up."

"Do you have a sister Dr Harris?" Nina asked.

"No, two brothers." Dr Harris said pointing to a large photo hanging on the wall of her office. She and two men were standing on the front porch of a large Victorian style house with there arms around each other. Nina smiled at the picture, the two men were identical. "Are they twins?" She asked.

"That they are, three years older than me." Dr Harris replied. "How is the rest of your family? You mentioned another sister and both your parents are still alive." Jennifer continued, redirecting the conversation away from her.

"Tara didn't come over when it happened. Work kept her too busy she said. Too busy for her own sisters funeral." Nina said shaking her head slightly.

"Does that make you mad?" Dr Harris asked.

"Are you kidding? I nearly flew across the country just to slap her." Nina said with a huff.

"What would that have done?" Dr Harris continued to provoke her, encouraged by the sudden change in demeanour. She concentrated on pulling out the raw emotion from Nina; happy she was expressing something other than sadness. "It would have made me feel better, I'm sure Grace would have done the same thing for me." Nina said.

"It could have been too hard for her. Maybe Tara needed to distance herself in order to cope. She is dealing with a loss too."

"Then why isn't she showing it?" Nina yelled as she jumped up. The chair she was on nearly tumbled backwards she shot up with such force. "Why isn't she here holding our mother when she can't stop crying, or when my father shuts down so completely that you can't even get him to eat, when my daughter is asking me every Friday why Aunt Grace isn't looking after her when I go to the gym. Why does she get out of all that so she can draw another shirt some boutique can charge a small fortune for?" Nina was pacing back and forth as she ranted, needing the release desperately.

"Only she can answer that Nina, the only way you will find out is if you ask her." Dr Harris said. Nina sat back down, a look of defeat on her face. "I know what she must be feeling. I know that she must miss her, but I could really use her right now. And there is no way of telling her that." Dr Harris could hear the sadness in her voice.

"When did you last speak to her?" Jennifer asked.

"I called her two days after the funeral, I took some time to calm down before I spoke to her. I asked her why she didn't come, when she told me she had to work, I hung up the phone. I haven't spoken to her since. I don't know what to say." Nina said.

"Tell her what you just told me." She offered. "That's the hour Nina, is someone picking you up?" Jennifer asked. What happened to a patient after a particularly painful session was always a concern of hers. She had heard too many stories from colleagues, of a patient walking out the door with a smile on their face only to throw themself off a bridge or under a car on the way home, to take the chance with any of her own people.

"Tyson should be downstairs waiting." Nina said as she gathered her bag and coat up. She took one last look at the photo on the wall of the doctor and her brothers. She had never noticed it until today. "Well don't keep him waiting, and Nina, this will work I promise you." Dr Harris said, her gaze fixed on Nina's.

Nina walked out of the room with a final goodbye and Dr Harris could see her make her way to the elevator at the end of the corridor. With a bit of time to fill in before the next patient, she flipped through the small index book she kept on her desk until she reached H. The phone rang several times before someone who sounded like they had been running answered it. "Hello?" The voice asked between heavy breaths.

"Pete? It's Jenny how are you?" She asked.

"Well hello little sister, I'm fine. You just interrupted a very important internet chat on one of the most pressing social issues of modern time." Pete said in a cheery voice, his breathing now under control.

"And what would that be?" Jenny asked, knowing she was getting herself into trouble.

"Who can run faster out of Superman and The Flash, what else?" Pete replied, Jenny managed to stifle a groan.

"How old are you again? When your company gave you the power to work from home, I think they assumed you would actually work Pete."

"It just so happens little sister that you missed a conference call I had with our Tokyo and London offices by mere minutes. I had them eating out of my hand. But that's not why you called." Pete knew her too well.

"No, I just wanted to say hi. Needed a dose of family reality."

"Well I'm glad you chose me. Have you heard from my slightly less handsome brother recently?" Pete asked.

"Vancouver, he's playing an alien in some TV show there. I thought he would have called you." Jennifer said.

"Well you know how those artistic types are, once they get involved with a project you cant get their mind off it. What show is it?" Pete asked.

"Oh I don't know. You know me and television, especially sci-fi." Jennifer replied. She heard her brothers' soft chuckle on the other end of the line.

"I'll have to call him and tell him to try and check his email between signing autographs." Pete said. After knowing Jennifer for more than thirty years Pete knew what this phone call was really about. "Did you just see a particularly bad patient or are you using me to keep one waiting?" He asked.

"Both, but I should go. I'll let you get back to work." Jenny said.

"Indeed little sis. Call me and organise to come out here for the weekend." Pete said.

"Will do, bye Pete. Oh by the way, it's so Superman." Jenny heard a loud laugh as she put the phone back in its cradle.