I bid it odd to hold my belly so…

In such a way, with hopes it would grow.

To hold such a power or title of mother,

Or a man at my side, deemed more than a lover…

A being within a being, making both fragile, you'd think,

To be slightly obsessed with baby blue or pink.

To be stronger and never completely alone,

Someone who can look up to me and be my own.

My own creation and a reason to live,

A reason to every morning, a reason to give.

A part of me, when feeling insecure,

Wants to know that there's a part of me that's not obscure,

A part of me that will not change, or go away,

A person inside a person who'll love me anyway.

There was a time where I'd thought a slice of the wrist

Could heal me of such a time consuming loneliness

But then I had thought instead of taking life away

I could create one of my own to help an artist portray

A better life, one I could live to the fullest

And give to a child, my child, the best.

To be looked down upon by those who surround,

My reason's not good enough to others, I've found.

So I wait, and I wonder, when it's my turn to give life,

When the lover of that time deems me his wife.