To the one that was there when I shed my tears,

To the one that held my hand with so much care

To the one I told my secrets to,

To the one that always calls me boo,

To the one I shared that kiss with,

To the one I shared intimate times with,

To the ones I fell asleep talking to

To the ones I laughed at a movie with,

To the ones that made me mad,

And the same ones that made me glad,

To the faces I hope to see everyday,

To the faces I see in my dreams every night,

To the faces I can't imagine life without,

To the faces I traverse the days throughout,

To the voices I sing out loud with,

To the eclectics I share music with,

To the minds I solve my problems with,

To the criticism that inspires me,

To the sarcasm that fuels me,

To the people in my life I'm glad to have known,

To the people in this world I can't go without,

To the good times and the bad times,

To the troubles and the rewards,

To the people I have only one name for,

To the people I call my friends.