Words are not enough

I want to paint you a picture

And hand you the sky with a bucket of dew

We can leave the loaves slid sideways

There is no rush and no imperfection

Disordered and at peace

Where light beams jump and play upon the waters

See me shimmer up at you

In the still, still sunrise

Savor the caress of the cool breeze

Fluttering along the checkered table cloth

And wrapping you in the salt smell, the sea smell

All around in the growing day

Shrieking gulls at noontide far below

Wheel and wheel, wheel and we laugh and talk together

Mending our nets and roughening our palms

Softening our smiles as the sun slides away

Dusk is magic, more so than moonlight

Half-shadows sweep your face with ancient promises

Spoken or unspoken I see them by the starlight

Come close to me and hold me as the night wraps us up

Your breath in my mouth, your hands cup my face

We are more precious to each other

Than the waves to the sand and the body to the soul

Be still, my love, and sleep.