::chapter one::

There he was, Alexander William Johnston, leaning against the wall of Santiana High School. The school's resident bisexual skaterish emo boy slut and he was a slut indeed.

Sixteen years old, he had black hair cut just brushing his jaw, bangs styled slanted across his face to the left, the chunk of bangs streaked a hot pink. Deep blue eyes stare almost coldly at the passing students from femininely slanted lids lined in a dark kohl. His pale pink lips, also rather feminine looking, were wetted slightly before he brought a cigarette to them. They were pierced by two lip rings both at the left. His ears were also adorned with rings, three in each lobe and, on the left ear, the cartilage.

Most were surprised by the silver you could occasionally see flash in his mouth. Yes, the boy had a tongue ring. He wore tight blue jeans, that looked as if he had stolen them from his sister, as they hung low on his narrow hips and fit his form almost like leather until they ended just above his black skate shoes, which sported hot pink laces sprinkled with stars.

His well muscled chest was hugged by an even tighter shirt, slightly outlining the ring that pierced his left nipple. The black shirt stopped just above his hip, showing the smallest amount of pale, flawless skin and jutting hip bones, it read "My Chemical Romance".

By his feet rested a tattered, almost falling-apart messenger back covered in patches and buttons of bands, where he either went to their show or bought the adornments off someone who had. On top of the bag sat a skateboard that was just as old looking but on closer inspection one could see it was actually the newest accessory.

Christopher Gallagher, the fifteen and a half year old son of Jarrod and Theresa Gallagher and nephew to his new high school's principal, sat nervously in his uncle's car waiting for the bell to ring.

His white blonde locks fell into his eyes, as usual, being cut so that they just brush his jaw, deep emerald eyes were not lined in eye liner as they normally were, to his distress he had run out and his uncle refused to let him borrow some money to buy some more.

His eyes lit up when a song he recognized started playing on the radio, a smile graced his pale lips, which although not really noticeable were painted in a pale pink. His ears held two holes both for earrings but he couldn't find those. When he let out a slight yawn you can see that he, like Alex, has his tongue pierced.

He was wearing his laundry day outfit as he liked to call it. This consisted of a tighter than usual blue shirt and baggy blue jeans, with holes in the knees. At his feet, which were currently shoe-less, sat his books, a few notebooks and his skateboard. His transportation home after school, seeing as his uncle worked for a few hours after.

The first bell rang causing him to start slightly then slip his feet into a pair of ratty old skate shoes and exit the car.