::Chapter Two::

The second bell rang loudly causing Alex to jump then glare at the contraption above his head before he stubbed the now dead cigarette out on his shoe and let it fall to the ground. Slender musician's hands picked up the skateboard and bag as he turned and walked into the school with a glare in his eyes as he watched a group of jocks menacing a new boy. Alex shook his head and kept walking, giving the boy a once over, suprised to see he was the one of the most beautiful boys he'd ever seen.

"We should pound you, you fucking faggot," Derrick, the leader of the group said with a malicious grin.

The boy's eyes widened full of fear and his lower lip trembled as tears stung his amazing green eyes. Alex growled softly as his own eyes flashed with rage. Calmly, with his back still to the jocks he spoke.

"What the fuck did you just say, Derrick?"

Derrick laughed, causing his cronies to do so as well, as he said "I called the pussy a fucking faggot Johnston, but this doesn't involve you." And turned his back to Alex, his attention back on the boy.

With another growl Alex dropped his stuff, making a few people, including the boy, to look over at him. Alex's eyes turned cold as ice, fury making his normally bright blue eyes dark. His top lip curled in a slight snarl as he clenched his fists turning to Derrick and walking slowly over, ignoring the yelp of the boy as Derrick hit him. A slender finger on his right hand, the nail painted black, tapped Derrick's shoulder, then his left fist colliding with the taller boy's face. Derrick's nose made a soft crack before it started pouring blood.

"You little..." Derrick hissed before swinging his own fists at Alex.

Alex winced as one fist connected with his jaw. He swiped his foot behind Derrick's knees, making the other boy fall and bringing Alex down with him. They landed hard, not noticing the now large crowd of people surrounding their fight, the new boy now forgotton.

"What is the meaning of this?" hollered , the vice principal, as she shouldered her way to the front of the crowd.

Alex and Derrick kept at pounding their fists into each other whereever they could hit, both becoming rather bloody.

"ENOUGH!" shouted the principal, Mr. Mavrick.

Everyone froze, including the fighting boys. The principal never shouted, and had never looked as mad as he did just then. The two boys were panting and glaring at each other, still in the last positions they had been in before the principal had yelled.

Alex sat straddling Derrick, his fist raised knuckles bloody from where he had missed and collided with the ground. His lip was slightly split, dripping blood, bruises forming on his left cheek, eye and the right side of his jaw. Blood also fell freely from above his right eyebrow, where Derrick's class ring had made a gash, suprisingly close to the barebell that pierced him. His once brushed hair was now sweaty and fell into his eyes. Some of it stuck up randomly as if he had just got out of bed.

Derrick also looked a lot worse for wear. His nose was still bleeding slightly and was now crooked. He sported a shiner on his right eye and bruises on his cheeks. His blonde hair was also sweaty, his spikes now falling limply on his head and across his forehead.

"Mr. Johnston, Mr Cardigan, in my office now," said calmly as he pulled Alex to his feet.

"M-me too, sir," a soft yet deep voice spoke up.

Alex, Derrick, Mrs. McCormick and Mr. Mavrick turned to look at the new boy, suddenly remembering he was there.

"I was the reason for all this, I started it" he said softly with his head down, blonde hair falling over his eyes.

Alex frowned and was about to argue with the strange boy before he was silenced with a glare from Mrs. McCormick.

"You too, then," the principal growled as he and the vice principal turned and walked towards their offices, Derrick following at their heels.

"What the fuck was that for?" Alex raged at the boy as he stifly bent and picked up his bag and board, watching the boy as he picked up his own books notebooks and a skateboard.

"Well it was my fault," he replied indignantly as he shook his hair out of his eyes and held out his hand. "Christopher Galligher."

Alex winced as he arched his eyebrow withouth realizing it, taking Christopher's hand in his own as he shook it and said, "Alexander Johnston."

Alex turned the boy's palm face up and gave him a wolfish smile, with a small wince as the split in his lip throbbed, before pressing his lips to the boy's palm.

"Pleasure to meet you," he added, swiftly licking the small print of blood off and with that he whirled around and started to the principal's office.

Christopher stood still eyes wide. He was certain Alex had just flirted with him.

"Hey, Lex, wait up," he called as he jogged to Alex.

"Lex?" again Alex winced as he raised his eyebrow.

At this Christopher blushed, he always gave people nick names.

"Yeah...uhm sorry it won't happen again."

Alex chuckled softly saying, "Don't worry about it. I like it," before pushing the door open.