Warning: boy on boy action… yes yet another slash, not as graphic as it will get.

My friend

You're always the last one to leave those dimly lit rooms

Making sure the last glass makes its way to the table empty

And every bottle in the place

Has been upside down at least a few times

What a waste

Is this what's left of you these days? Atreyu: masterpiece

: Andrew's pov:

I sighed as I watched him drinking again. It was the same routine since tenth grade, go to a party, watch him drink himself silly and take him home.

Of course I would endure those drunken pawings. Letting him do the things he wanted until he decided he needed more to drink. I loved him, still love him. Even through all the shit he's done in the past.

I can't remember a time, since his dad found out he's gay, that he's ever been completely sober.

Jack was never a good father to begin with, but the beatings got worse when he found out that we were a little closer than just friends.

::five years earlier::

"Come on Andy, you know you wanna go," Kyle pleaded with his best friend. "It'll be fun I swear."

"You know I don't do malls Ky, especially not with a bunch of other people and girls," Andrew answered as he finally looked up from his book.

"Puh-lease," Kyle whined giving Andrew his puppy dog look. The other boy glared at him with a sigh.

"You know I can't say no to that look," he mumbled as he stood up and stretched lazily, watching his friend through hooded eyes.

Kyle shivered slightly as he watched his best friend's shirt ride up, revealing his pale well-toned stomach, his stormy gray eyes flicked up to meet his friend's cool blue ones. Andrew smirked and licked his lips slightly, knowing very well the reaction he was going to get from Kyle.

"You're a tease" the other boy murmured before crossing the room and pulling his friend against him by his belt loops.

Andrew just raised his eyebrows with an innocent look before leaning forward and whispering, "I have no idea what your talking about," against the other boy's lips.

Kyle growled slightly and pressed his mouth against Andrew's own, nipping roughly at his bottom lip. Andrew mewled softly and parted his lips, allowing Kyle's tongue to slip into his mouth, sliding his hands under the other's shirt and raking his nails down his back, receiving a soft moan from the other.

They broke apart panting, both boys' eyes glazed in lust. Andrew smiled and pulled Kyle's shirt off, revealing the other's tan torso. Kyle flinched slightly as Andrews cold fingers slid across his hot skin.

"You're wearing too much," he whispered into Andrew's ear as he slid his shirt over his head and tossed it to the ground.

A soft purr came from Andrew as Kyle let his nails scrape softly across the boy's chest, pressing against him once again. Their lips melded together, their tongues battling for dominance, Kyle winning as usual.

Kyle's hands found their way from Andrews hips into his silky blonde locks, tugging at it slightly as he pushed the boy back onto the bed so they were laying on it.

Andrew moaned, and pressed his hips upwards, grinding them against the Kyle's. Kyle growled softly and pressed his hips down, stilling Andrew's motions.

"I'm in control, Andy," he whispered as he bit Andrew's neck, causing the boy to flinch. He then soothed the sting of his bite with a lick.

Andrew whimpered, his shaft throbbing almost painfully within the confines of his pants.

"Now who's a tease?" he asked hoarsely. He could feel how much Kyle was enjoying this from the bulge that was currently poking him in the side.

"Still you," Kyle replied, his voice husky as he slowly rubbed his groin against Andrew's, capturing the boy's lips in a deep kiss.

"Andrew, mum says you have to-o-oh sorry about that, uhm ... I'll knock next time," Andrew's little sister, Kathryn, said as she barged into her brother's room, flushing a bright red in embarrassment.

Kyle groaned and rolled off Andrew, lying next to the blushing boy.

"It's ok, Kitty," Andrew said softly, his pale cheeks held light blush.

Kathryn nodded, smiling shyly at Kyle before she closed the door.

"Can't you lock your door?" Kyle complained as he sat up and ran a hand though his hair with a smile to show he wasn't really mad.

Andrew rolled his eyes before standing up. "Let's go see what my mum wanted."

"Fine but then we're taking a shower because we only have half an hour to catch the bus," Kyle said in response as he stood and pulled the shirt closest to him on.

Andrew raised an eyebrow before walking out the door. Kyle shrugged to himself and followed trotting to keep up with the other boy's stride.