"You're late." Mr. Goodman growled. "But considering you are new to this school I'll let you slide this once."

"Thanks." Seris murmured as insincerely as possible and took a seat closest to the back of the room. She pulled out a notebook a quickly copied the notes that had already been written on the black board.


Seris rolled her blue eyes over to the noise and found a hand holding a note out to her. All this work trying not to get noticed and she failed.

"Would you just take it?"

"Fine" Seris growled an yanked the paper out of the extended hand and read it to herself in a whisper. "Welcome to Crap Hole high, my name is John and may I say your ass is bangin'. Could you do me the greatest honor of meeting me in the hallway after class...what the hell is this?" She murmured.

The rest of the class she felt his eyes on her the entire time and finally decided to just go to sleep. She figured she had a good twenty minutes before the bell would ring to get a good nap in. After five minutes of just slightly nodding off, her face finally hit the desk. She dreamed on the moon and what it must've been like to live in a place where werewolves didn't have to run and hide every time somebody found out that they weren't exactly normal. Suddenly a violent crash jolted her awake and almost brought her to rip the arms of the person who created it. Apparently, her teacher had figured out she was napping and gave job the privilege to wake her up. "Thanks John…" She groaned and fought of every instinct to wrap her hands around his neck and strangle him to death.

"No problem." He replied with a grin.

Thankfully the bell rung and she was spared any further punishment for sleeping in class. She threw her note book in her patch work back pack and headed out the door only to find her new best friend waiting for her. John, while not totally unfortunate looking was still far from being considered dateable material. Apart from his blue hair, goth fashion, and his amazing smile he was still human. Despite her instant revulsion thanks to his little comment about her back side she was ashamed to admit she was developing a crush on the kid and his dichromatic eyes.

"So how's it going Newbie?" He asked with a slight smile.

Seris chuckled at the image of her throwing him into a locker for the little joke and finally answered him. "It's alight, there have been some small annoyances but nothing big enough to make me hurt anybody."

John nodded and took a step away in fear. "Well umm…what room are you heading to? Maybe I can point you in the right direction."

"104 I think." Seris said hoping to appease the annoying fly buzzing around her head. However, such was not her luck.

"Really?" John said a put an arm around her shoulders. "I'm going there to. Good thing too, I can make sure you don't get lose."

"Don't touch me." Seris growled and gently pushed the arm off of her. "I just don't like being touched is all."

"I understand." John mumbled. He couldn't believe his signature pick up move didn't work. Oh well he could always invite her to that party he had been planning.