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Seasons of Bilancia

Amongst the scattered ruins of universes long past; amidst the debris of lost civilizations and ancient earths, subsides a desert flower amongst lifeless ethereal sands – a single world filled with beautiful life in the midst of swirling nothing. This world, Ilvasoix, glistens in resonating, unpolluted harmony, a perfect equilibrium.

Tranquil peace has nestled among its people for eras upon eras; a world without hurt or peril. In harmony, this perplexing place lives as three unique realms connected merely by invisible, unearthly gateways that men have crossed through freely for thousands of centuries. These realms live as one world, working together, though in refrain, each realm is left as its own unique entity – untouched by the qualities of one another.

Marked and known for their clearest traits, the realms each possess a significant, outstanding quality. Nero, the realm of eternal night, Sola, the realm of eternal day, and Eureth, the realm of eternal mist, whose sky is devoid of night and day, blend as one harmonized whole; a world of equal light and dark; a world called Ilvasoix.

It is in this luscious and serene place that the desires of men and the arrogance of garish upbringing have matured into an unseen threat, a case for any story of interest in the history of such a place to begin to stir.

The people of the middle realm, the simple minded and care-free people of Eureth, have been always known for their impressionable qualities, including the malleability of Eureth itself – a blank slate of circumambience. In an instance, they could be swayed to the bleak mysteries of night or to the gaudy coruscation of day. Though, no sort of impression has ever been made. . . or recorded.

For two hundred years, however, Ilvasoix has trembled. The earth has quavered in sudden excitement and the waters have risen and fallen fitfully without warning or even prophetic foresight. Men within Nero have begun to grow suspicious of one another. In response, masses have banded together, proclaiming themselves as representatives of peace – divided into parties by race or culture. As for Sola, unity amongst people has remained firm, but their resources have slowly been ebbing in and out of secure abundance.

As of now, the body of Ilvasoix quakes under massive, abrupt tremors, and its people sit in a quiet and undisturbed state – devoid of tension for the time-being – waiting for another storm to brew.

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Nero - Your character will be perceived as a protagonist.

Sola – Your character will be perceived as an antagonist.

Parameters: Please, divide 72 points amongst the ones below. All fields must not surpass twenty-five and must have a value of at least one point.

Might: (How impressive your character's physical attacks are.)

Guard: (How resistant your character is to physical damage.)

Dexterity: (How quickly your character can move.)

Coordination: (How fast your character can react to oncoming danger.)

Fortitude: (How long your character can last in battle.)

Potency: (How powerful your character's spiritual abilities are.)

Resistance: (How inured your character is to spiritual attacks.)

Spiritual Arts: (This strictly tells me what Spiritual Disciplines your character has – not how strong they are – greatest knowledge of, affecting what type of Spirit Abilities he/she can enforce. You may choose anywhere from one to four of the following and divide 100 points amongst them. I will also ensure that only one person has a different greatest discipline – so basically, I won't have two people with their greatest knowledge of the Fire Discipline)

Fire Discipline – Spiritual art of conjuring and maneuvering flames.

Water Discipline – Spiritual art of invoking and manipulating water and ice.

Earth Discipline – Spiritual art of creating and manipulating rock, soil, and plant life.

Wind Discipline – Spiritual art of directing air currents and other weather patterns/effects.

Chronos Discipline – Spiritual art of manipulating time.

Light Discipline – Spiritual art of generating and manipulating light in all of its forms.

Dark Discipline – Spiritual art of casting and command darkness.

Life Discipline – Spiritual art of healing wounds, restoring energy, and in great mastery, reviving the dead.

Ailing Discipline – Spiritual art of inflicting sicknesses or other ailments upon living things.

Catalytic Discipline – Spiritual art of enhancing the parameters of living things, such as Might or Potency.

Necromantic Discipline – Spiritual art of summoning and/or commanding the dead.

Biomantic Discipline - Spiritual art of entering the minds of the living.

Alteration Discipline – Spiritual art of bending the environmental laws of nature, such as breathing under water or transformation.

Illusionary Discipline – Spiritual art of developing illusions.

Ethereal Discipline – Spiritual art of manipulating ethereal forces and boundaries to bypass the limitation of the physical world.

Mimicry Discipline – Spiritual art of mimicking other spiritual abilities.

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