You tell me not to listen

To your passive indecision

Saying I'm all that you need

But you cant handle where I lead

So I'm the one your running from

What your nightmares are made of

Always pushing me away

Then on your knees begging me to stay

You cant handle me

But that's funny see

There's no way I'd let myself

Be handled by you

You know I always drive

It's how I stay alive

So move on over baby

I'm gonna handle you

Trying to allow me

A taste of what there could be

But you cant bring yourself to try

To see it's not just girls that cry

Seems where heading down a road

Your stumbling over with your load

I won't help you to your feet

Your covered in your own defeat

You canto handle me

But that's funny see

There's no way Ion let myself

Be handled by you

So take a step back now

Your going to see how

The strong ones do it

I'm gonna handle you

Well baby here's what you forgot

It'll take a fucking lot

To win back all that you gave up

So pray that you still have enough

To go the distance it will take

To fix the heart you had to break

You won't have time to defend

If I win it is the end