it's inky water
flowing behind me
trying to nip at my heels.

it's dulled now,
by the intoxicating liquid
burning down my throat.

it's molasses

i step in its sticky puddle,
and it's carried up my leg.
disgusted, i reach down to wipe it off.

it only clings to my fingers
and oozes up my arm
and leaves my hand covered
in the thick

i am frightened now

i freeze.

dread fills my features
i know it will not stop
and on and on it goes

i am immaculately sticky
shining and

it's panic epitomized.

it surges up my neck.
i hold my head high
although i know it won't help,
it's just instinct.

i scream.

it flows down my throat.
into my stomach, into my lungs
into my core, into my being.
my eyes are flashing
it's all over

i drown

in more ways than one

and the inky substance
exudes from my body
and seeps into the ground
and is gone
leaving the residue
of me.